Meet Your Beren Campus Student Government Candidates

By: Hadassah Penn  |  May 6, 2020

Compiled by Hadassah Penn


Shira Schneider, President

“My two years at Stern have been nothing short of amazing and have given me a deep appreciation for the student body and the opportunities we have as members of the YU community. Serving as VP of Academic Affairs on SCWSC this past year was an unbelievable experience that only strengthened those feelings. I’m running for SCWSC president for the chance to take what I’ve learned and continue representing the voices of the student body and facilitate the growth you want to see. I hope to create fun programming that will foster a strong and vibrant community, implement initiatives that will instill a passion for learning and intellectual growth beyond the classroom and to make more easily available opportunities for all majors to work with their teachers and mentors on research, resume building and job hunting.

Shoshana Wallach, Vice President of Academic Affairs

“Hi, I’m Shoshana Wallach and I am running for SCWSC VP of Academic Affairs. Currently a junior at Stern majoring in political science, I’m involved in different clubs on campus including the volleyball team and serving as an assistant chair on YUNMUN. During my first two semesters at Stern, I felt a lot of confusion on campus regarding academic clubs, navigating the many offices of academic assistance, and an overall need for improved communication with administrators. 

If elected, my main goal is to help alleviate the confusion that clutters our campus and academic experiences. I want to create new programs, with both the Career Center and Academic Advisement. I aim to streamline information about academic clubs, one that does not solely rely on flooding inboxes with emails. I hope to use my experience, creativity, and tenacity to improve every student’s academic experience at Stern and hope through our hard work together, we can accomplish exactly that.”

Megan Lacritz, Vice President of Clubs

“My name is Megan Lacritz, I am from Dallas, Texas and am going to be a senior next year, majoring in psychology. I am currently running for SCWSC VP of Clubs. I have been involved on campus in various clubs like the Start Science, the Red Cross club, I was a Madricha this year for Shaalvim for Women, and I attend lots of events around campus! I hope to bring more organization to the clubs on campus in order for people to get involved easily and know how they can participate, to ensure there are club events every semester, and enhancing the overall frameworks that already exists for the clubs on campus. I am hard working and determined and I know being involved in clubs is essential in having a great experience on campus and I would love the opportunity to uphold this position and continue to improve the excellence of all the clubs.”

Talia Leitner, Vice President of Clubs

“My name is Talia Leitner and I’m from Manhattan! I’m a rising Junior studying computer science, and I love being involved on campus! I worked as a cashier at the Seforim Sale, served as a board member of the Israel Club, and volunteered with START! Science. I was also on the YOMS committee and helped plan this year’s Yom Ha’atzmaut programming. I’m running for Vice President of Clubs because I want to get even more involved in organizing events on campus! I hope to bring more club events downtown, and provide enough transportation for the events that remain uptown. I would love to hear from my fellow students about any initiatives that you would like to start on campus!”

Danielle Pasternak, Vice President of Programming

“My name is Danielle Pasternak and I am running for SCWSC for VP of programming! My goals for next year are to make programming at Stern more enjoyable and have extra events! I love being involved in Stern and look forward to an amazing year!”

Tamar Guterson, Vice President of PR

“I am running for VP of Public Relations on SCW’s Student Council because PR is so much more than just PR. In addition to bringing information to the public, PR is also about being a voice for the public. Regardless of whether you’re 1 out of 100 in the biology major or one of 3 music majors, your voice deserves to be heard, and having a broad range of leadership experiences on campus I am confident that I can be a listening ear to all students. Vote #TamarForPR for a community where everyone has a place. Looking forward to caring for you and creating for you!”

Sivan Import, Vice President of PR

“As head of Public Relations I would make sure to promote events in a more student friendly manner. I’m hoping to minimize the sstuds and let people know about events in more fun and creative ways. I would also be very open to the student body’s ideas.”

Temima Yellin, Vice President of PR

“This year was my first year on campus and I’m hoping to be more involved next year. I wanted to run specifically for VP of PR because I love graphic design. Right now I’m a layout editor for the Commentator, and I have a lot of fun doing that. But I’m excited for this position because I’ll hopefully be able to be really creative with the flyers I put out.”

Leah Joshowitz, Senior Class President


“My name is Leah Joshowitz and I am running for Senior Class President. I come from Pittsburgh PA, AKA the home of Heinz Ketchup and am majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology. On campus, you can find me volunteering with START, making flyers for UAID events, getting involved with YUNMUN and helping out with Shabbat at Beren by being a Shabbat Ambassador. So far, I have really enjoyed being a student at Stern College and I am really passionate about becoming Senior Class President because I want to help make Senior year amazing for everyone! I plan on doing so by creating a fun event each semester, swag (of course!) and an unforgettable senior dinner! I am hard-working, determined, fun and super approachable!”

Lindsay Brandwein, Senior Class President

“As senior class president I promise to create a more spirited environment, provide the student body with exciting and inclusive events. I promise more swag and enough for everyone. I promise to listen to the student body and help make this year the best one yet. I want to be the person who makes changes instead of talking about it. I want the senior class and student body as a whole to be more of a community.”

Nina Anina, Sophomore Class President

“I was a true freshman this year and I also took the leap and became Freshman Class President. This year, we had our first ever Co-Ed event, our First Time on Campus Bash. It was a complete success and we had over 100 people show up. Everyone had an amazing time and I plan on doing more events like that one. It was my greatest joy to get to meet all my Freshmen and develop close relationships with my fellow peers. I had a great time advocating for them and being their voice on campus. That’s why I am running again.”

Shaina Mateev, Sophomore Class President

“Hello! My name is Shaina Matveev and I am from the small Jewish community of Jacksonville, Florida, where I live with my loving family, two dogs, and cat. Over the past year, I have come to meet many of you, my fellow classmates, and you are truly such wonderful, hard-working individuals and therefore I would love to represent you as Sophomore Class President. In my opinion, being in college is not only about working hard, but also about relaxing and enjoying your time in college, as this is a once in a lifetime experience. As Sophomore Class President, I plan to both contribute to your YU experience through organizing educational events, such as running events related to study skills and time management, as well as well-deserved, fun, and relaxing events to help you unwind from the stresses of college. If you too believe that the way to succeed is to “work hard, play hard,” vote for me for Sophomore Class President!”


Nina Siegel, President

“After an incredible year on TAC, I want to use what I’ve learned to further the achievements of this year to make next year even better. My goal is to ensure that TAC’s programming has something for everyone – whether it’s in the Beit Midrash on a Tuesday night, or delivering packages in Manhattan to the elderly on a Sunday morning. Most importantly, I want to make sure that everyone feels that they have a way to connect to Jewish life on campus and knows TAC can help them achieve those goals!”

Chaiy Bodek, Vice President of Chesed

“Hello fellow students! My name is Chaiy Bodek and I’m so excited to be running for TAC VP of Chesed. I’m a Jewish Education Major and Chemistry Minor. On campus, I’m a Chemistry Lab TA, Hi Sichati editor and MafTEACH fellow. I am extremely passionate about living an experiential Judaism. Chesed is integral to this Jewish experience and I want to bring it to Beren Campus. I want to enable fellow students to connect to others by giving through the different mediums that speak to them. I hope to create opportunities that speak to all students. I believe that giving to others benefits the receiver but should change the giver as well. Let’s change the world and change ourselves in the process by SEARCHING WITHIN and REACHING OUT! VOTE #chaiy4chesed.

Rebecca Weiss, Vice President of Chesed

“My name is Rebecca Weiss and I am running for TAC VP of Chessed. I’ve been involved in Torah tours, Ahavas Chessed and the bikor cholim club and I would love to make Chessed easy again at Stern by providing a range of opportunities that speak to everyone so that everyone can do what they love while also make a difference.”

Michal Herman, Vice President of PR

“Hi! I am Michal Herman and I am running for TAC VP of PR! I decided to run because I love planning events and think that I can contribute to organizing and spreading the word about different events that TAC runs. I am an outgoing and energetic person so I wanted to find a job that allowed me to not only interact with other TAC members but many other students as well! I also have some ideas to bring to TAC, such as Rosh Chodesh events and a Whatsapp broadcast list to keep everyone in the know about all events! I am looking forward to hopefully representing the student body as best as I can on TAC and am open and want to hear all of your suggestions.”

Abigail Rochlin, Vice President of PR

“Heyo! Abigail Rochlin here! I am a psychology major and IDS minor. The Stern Beit Midrash is hands down my favorite place on campus because it is always full of excitement, shiurim, and torah learning. I love being involved and making a difference. I am excited for the opportunity to represent the student body, hear what you have to say, and bring some great ideas to the TAC team! There is nothing better than a great shiur, a fun chesed event, and a rockin’ chagigah– and it would be awesome to spread the word about all the exciting events that TAC has to offer!”

Eliana Feifel, Vice President of Shabbat

“Hello all! My name is Eliana Feifel and I’m running as TAC VP of Shabbat. I’m originally from Chicago and went to MMY for seminary. I’m majoring in Mathematics and hoping to get a Masters in engineering once I graduate. I speak very highly of the Stern community, and I greatly enjoy being involved around campus. As a Shabbat Ambassador and proud member of SEC, I know how incredible Shabbat at Beren is! I’m so thankful for the wonderful Shabbatot that I’ve experienced at Stern, and I’m motivated to give back and help others enjoy staying in as well. I’m outgoing, dedicated, and excited to work on making Shabbat incredible for each and every student!”

Rivka Barnett, Vice President of Speakers

“My name is Rivka Barnett and I am running for TAC VP of speakers. I enjoy the Torah programming at Stern and I am looking forward to continuing the precedent of getting the best and most inspirational speakers out there. I will ensure to include a wide range of speakers, including those that you have enjoyed in the past- on a Shabbaton or during the summer. I hope to create opportunities for everyone to learn together outside the classroom. Torah learning outside the classroom is crucial to our spiritual growth and Avodat Hashem.”


Alex Brody, President

“Hi, Alex Brody here from Miami, FL. I’m a Junior in Sy Syms, majoring in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. On-campus I’m a coordinator for Ezras Nashim while continuing to take emergency calls. I am also currently assisting an Israeli biotech start-up with developing a go-to-market strategy for their AI product through the TAMID consulting group on campus. Last summer I interned for the Shark Tank, Shark Group. There I honed my skills in organizational leadership and simply put, “learned how to get things done.” If I win the presidency, It will be my priority to better connect Alumni and students to navigate through the rigorous recruiting/ networking process, so they can get the internships and jobs they want.

Sarah Lichtenstein, President

“Sarah Lichtenstein is currently a rising senior in the Sy Syms School of Business. From the young age of seven, she knew she was going to go into business after selling gum on the school bus for $5 a piece to her peers. From the moment Sarah stepped foot on campus, she became actively involved in many clubs, even winning the YU’s 2017-2018 Stock Market Competition. Sarah is currently the President of the Business Ethics Society as well as the Director of Social Programming for TAMID. She is a natural born leader who is organized, motivated and hardworking. Sarah’s long term goal is to start her own cosmetics company.”

Shifra Lindenberg, President

“Shifra Lindenberg is a Marketing Major Running for SYMSSC President. Shifra is passionate about bringing change to Syms and helping all students succeed hence her AllForOneYUForAll Hashtag. Shifra has started YU and Stern Confessions, has worked for The YU Observer as a Social Media Manager and Social Media Advisor, and has formed The Social Media Club. Shifra has used her social media talents to help shape the Yeshiva University experience for students and if elected, wants to continue enhancing student life on campus as well as taking on initiative to help students find jobs and create events that will help them with this endeavor.”

Brooke Ratner, President

“Hey Y’all!! I’m Brooke Ratner from Atlanta, Georgia (don’t worry I won’t be going bowling anytime soon) and I’m a rising senior in The Sy Syms School of Business majoring in Accounting with a minor in Finance. On campus, I served as an Undersecretary at YUNMUN, the VP of the Accounting Society Board, and played on the MACS Volleyball team. As I reflect, especially lately, on my time at YU it is clear to me that as students at Yeshiva University we have a unique opportunity to get involved and make a difference. I would love to continue my involvement in YU and bring my organization, business programming, and creativity to you as Syms president this upcoming year! I want to build a community not just focused on the future, but focused on the now. By pairing with the numerous club heads, SYMSSC will be able to create events that are intellectually stimulating, fun, and community oriented. It will give all students a better understanding of the business world at large so that all majors can grow together.”

Shaiel Soleimani, Vice President of Clubs

“Hey guys! My name is Shaiel Soleimani and I am from Great Neck, NY (yes, home of the Persians). I came into YU as a true freshman and immediately wanted to get involved, so I ran for Syms VP and because of that I am currently Syms VP. Being on council has taught me so much about the school, how to get things done, and how to communicate with the Syms Student Body to grant all of their wishes and demands. I am extremely passionate about business and both YU. Which is why the Syms Student Council is a perfect fit for me. I am currently majoring in accounting and finance (so let me know if you have any questions, I would LOVE to help!) I am always available to hear you guys out, answer any questions, or just chat and chill with you guys about life.”

Abigail Lerman, Vice President of PR

“Hi I’m Abigail Lerman, from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a rising Junior majoring in Accounting and Management. Since my arrival on campus in the fall, I’ve become a member of TAMID, the Accounting Society, and a Peer Tutor. My outgoing personality quickly helped me navigate my way through school by finding mentors in several upperclassmen who took me under their wings. They shared information about upcoming opportunities on campus whether it was a recruitment event for my major, a Student Council run game night, or professional site visits. I feel fortunate to have been able to take advantage of attending all of these events. Unfortunately, too many times in passing I’ve heard classmates say “Wait, how did you find out about that event?” or “Is it too late to sign up?” My hope as SYMSSC Vice President of Public Relations is to really spread the word about upcoming events and encourage my classmates to take part in all the wonderful opportunities that Syms has to offer. I hope to pay it forward and to serve as a mentor to underclassmen like so many people did for me.”