The 2023-2024 YU Observer editorial staff is dedicated to integrity, justice, and truth. Their goal is to make Yeshiva University a better place, one article at a time. Let’s welcome them.  

Editor in Chief:

Aaron Shaykevich

Managing Editor:

Ruchama Benhamou

Publication Manager:

Emily Rose Goldberg

Opinions Editors:

Shira Kramer

Aiden Harow

Esther Nahon

Shneur Levy

Features Editors:

Rivka Inger

Ally Hadge

Gabriella Gomperts

Chloe Baker

Science and Technology Editors:

Yosef Scher

Rochel Leah Itzkowitz

Sydney Hoffman

Business Editors:

Chana Wakslak

Shua Feigin

Arts and Culture Editors:

Racheli Jian

David Yagudayev

Uri Kruger

Layout Editors:

Atarah Mandel

Emily Rose Goldberg

Racheli Jian

Social Media Managers:

Miri Granik

Sarah Offenberg

Regina Mezistrano

Shira Kramer

Business Managers:

Chana Wakslak

Website Managers:

Max Friedman

Max Franklin

Noam Ben Simon

Entertainment Manager:

Danny Kutin

Staff Writers

Shneur Agronin, Yechiel Amar, Kiki Arochas, Yosef Bluth, Betzalel Cohen, Dalya Eichler, Andrew Gluck, Talia Halstuch, Marcela Homsany, Rebecca Kalmar, JJ Ledewitz, Sarah Offenberg, Gabby Price, Andrew Warren, Ami Weiss, Daniella Weiss

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