The 2023-2024 YU Observer editorial staff is dedicated to integrity, justice, and truth. Their goal is to make Yeshiva University a better place, one article at a time. Let’s welcome them.  

Editor in Chief:

Aaron Shaykevich

Managing Editor:

Ruchama Benhamou

Opinions Editors:

Gila Kalman

Aiden Harow

Features Editors:

Rivka Inger

Shneur Levy

Science and Technology Editors:

Yosef Scher

Nicole Abittan

Rochel Leah Itzkowitz

Business Editors:

Amalya Teitelbaum

Eli Levi

Shua Feigin

Arts and Culture Editors:

Atarah Mandel

David Yagudayev

Uri Kreuger

Layout Editors:

Atarah Mandel

Emily Rose Goldberg

Racheli Jian

Social Media Managers:

Emily Rose Goldberg

Sara Lesczynski

Business Managers:

Amalya Teitelbaum

Jonathan Schneider

Website Managers:

Max Friedman

Staff Writers

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