Fall 2021 Beren Election Results Released

By: Shoshanah Marcus  |  October 15, 2021

By Shoshanah Marcus, Editor in Chief

Undergraduate students on the Beren campus voted for candidates via emails sent on Thursday, October 14, 2021 with polls opening at 9 a.m. EST and closing at 8 p.m. EST. Of the 900 ballots that were sent out, 353 were started and 311 were completed. 

Beren Campus students were notified of the results via an email from the Beren Election Committee on October 15, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. EST. The released results were reported as follows:

TAC Vice President of Shabbat: Adira Barber

SCWC Senior Vice President: Ellie Berger

SCWC Sophomore President: Hannah Aaron

SCWC Sophomore Vice President: Amanda Poupko

For several positions, including SCWC Junior Vice President, SCWC Freshman President, and SCWC Freshman Vice President, no candidate was pre-approved and therefore the winning candidate must fulfill the requirements as a write-in candidate; however, none of these candidates achieved this requirement. These requirements are described in the Beren Constitution in Section III Article K, which states that “before a write- in candidate can be declared a winner the Election Committee shall deem her eligible to run, and she must receive the most votes and at least ten percent of potential votes for her position.” The Beren Constitutional Council is currently deciding whether or not to conduct a special election for these positions.