Beren Campus Election Candidate Profiles Fall 2021

By: Shoshanah Marcus  |  October 13, 2021

By Shoshanah Marcus, Editor in Chief

The following are the names and some of the profiles of the approved candidates running for the Fall 2021 Beren Campus Student Council election with voting taking place on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

TAC Vice President of Shabbat

Adira Barber

Hi, everyone! My name is Adira Barber and I’m a junior majoring in psych. I’ve been living on campus for over 2 semesters and am PSYCHED to be running for VP of Shabbos!! I’ve always loved staying at Stern for Shabbos and would love to have the opportunity to make it even more enjoyable. I hope to receive input from the student body about different activities, events, and speakers that we can have. I’d love to have Shabbatons for students of different majors, and from different seminaries as well. And last but definitely not least, get us much…much better food! Can’t wait to spend some amazing Shabbosim with you all:)

Becca Kaufman

SCWC Senior Class Vice President

Ellie Berger

SCWC Sophomore Class President

Hannah Aaron

My name is Hannah Aaron, and I’m so excited to be running for Sophomore Class President!! In my senior year of high school, I filled an extensive number of leadership roles such as Student Council President, captain of the volleyball and basketball teams, and division head for Bnei Akiva. As Sophomore Class President, I want to be a strong advocate for you, and aim to continue programming that provides you with meaningful memories. As an out-of-towner who comes from a baal teshuva [Jew from a secular background who becomes religiously observant] family, I understand that not everyone comes from the same background, and I hope to create a space for everyone, thus enabling a stronger sense of community in Stern. Looking forward to our journey together!

Sadie Englesohn

Hi!! My name is Sadie Engelsohn. I’m from Teaneck, New Jersey. I went to Frisch, and just came back from Midmo! I’m loving Stern so far and really would like to play a bigger role in this awesome community!! Would love to hear your thoughts on what you like about Stern or what can be improved. I have some great ideas for clubs and get-togethers, like a soup night social, or would love to be involved in making your ideas a reality!! Hope to hear from you and would really appreciate your vote, but no hard feelings!! Still come say hi!! 

Rivka Gopin

SCWC Sophomore Class Vice President

Rachel Gilinski

Rachel Lincer

Hi!! My name is Rachel Lincer and I’m a true sophomore majoring in speech pathology. I am running to be YOUR Sophomore Vice President of SCWSC! I am one of the few Syrians in this school and come from a different background. I love hearing where everyone is from and find it amazing how we all come together and unite together while in Stern. I love meeting new people around campus, whether it’s in the elevator, in the halls, or even doing laundry. Everyone I have met here at Stern is so friendly and has truly made me feel at home. 

I have always enjoyed being involved in many committees in high school. I was the editor of the school newspaper and yearbook, the head of the nutrition club, the captain of the softball team, and much more! My goal as Sophomore Vice President of SCWSC is to make a comfortable environment for my peers and fulfill everyone’s possible needs! I promise to make sure your voices are heard. I will make sure this upcoming school year will be the best yet! I hope you consider me as a candidate for this position by voting on Thursday!! 

Amanda Poupko

Hi, my name is Amanda Poupko and I’m a sophomore from Long Island, NY majoring in computer science. I’m running for VP of Sophomore Student Council because I want to get more involved here on campus and want to get to know more people. Also, my mom ran for student council, so it’s only obvious that I follow in her footsteps. I love making Google forms, as those who went to high school with me are very much aware. I’m not shy in group chats and enjoy talking to everyone and anyone. I have a major addiction to Diet Coke and an addiction to helping others (see what I did there)… anyway, vote for me for VP.

Ma’ayan Tzur 

Hi! My name is Ma’ayan Tzur and I’m running for Sophomore Vice President:) I’m originally from Florida, was in Migdal Oz last year, and don’t currently know what I’m majoring in (I’m accepting suggestions). Stern’s a big place (at least bigger than I’m used to), and I’m excited to hopefully organize fun events this semester so everyone can get to know each other and de-stress from all our tests, quizzes, and papers. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas, and looking forward to meeting you all! 

Positions available for eligible write-in candidates include SCWC Junior Class Vice President, SCWC Freshman Class President, SCWC Freshman Class Vice President, Katz President, and Katz Vice President.