By: Anonymous  |  August 31, 2021

By Anonymous

Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was “‘Phoenix’”, and we are featuring the anonymously written piece, ‘Phoenix’. Other submissions of honorable mention have been published as well.


Her tears crystallize into droplets,

Tinkling like marbles

In the jars of antiquarians,

Who scratch away the ruby pebble

Of her congealed blood

From the hollow shaft,

To flick it away- 

Admiring her gossamer feather. 


Her ethereal song-

poignant and stirring,

How she burned until there was nothing left

Yet choked out black ashes from her newborn lungs- 

A piercing screech of life. 


They say don’t be afraid- 

How little they know of flames, 

And living in the shadow of approaching fire

Haunted by memories of burning


Her mouth stretches open 

Swallowing only air,


Her language forgotten- 

Whisked away by the waves of eons.


She flies alone,

Her wrinkled face weary, 

Basking in the silence of loss- 

Where unnatural creatures settle

Who don’t belong.


As you gently card your hands 

Through her incandescent feathers,

She releases a primordial wail.

Don’t ask her to sing- 

Let her tears puddle on the asphalt

And drip into the gutter with the rain.