YU Observer May Poetry Submissions: Catharsis

By: Lara Vosburgh  |  May 23, 2021

YU Observer May Poetry Submissions: Catharsis

By Lara Vosburgh


Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was “Catharsis”, and we are featuring the anonymously written piece, “The Soul She Sold”. However, the poems below are other submissions of honorable mention.


Crying Coalition

By Lara Vosburgh


Cry out to yourself.

Because you don’t even listen anymore.

Make sure you listen closely.

Tears are the rain drops of your soul.

Cry ’til it is all out.

Cry ’til you know what it is all about.

Cry freely.

Cry because it costs nothing.

Cry because its G-d’s way to show he cares.

Cry so your mascara is all smudged.

Cry for your losses.

Cry about what you may lose when you gain.

Cry for those you hate.

All you wished was to really love them.

Cry cause you can.

Cry because there is no ban.

Cry till you have no tears left.

Cry while you laugh.

Sometimes the saddest things are funny.

Cry over milk that has been spilt.

Then you won’t cry so much when the 

Champagne goes down your cat’s throat after he knocks it down on New Year’s Eve

Cry tears of Caviar

Cry tears of a crocodile

So, you can know the real tears when they come.

Make a waterfall of tears.

But never cry out of self-pity.

Cry for yourself so you can cry for the world.


Fabulous Fail

By Lara Vosburgh


At the top of my success,

I failed to see my failure.

I looked everywhere but inward.

I listened to flattery,

But not to my heartbeat

I smelled fakeness,

But I didn’t walk away.

I assimilated with a fake dream.

I became one with duplicity.

Save me from dishonesty.

Connect me to the umbilical cord of truth.

Then the catharsis shall come.