YU Observer May Poetry Feature: Catharsis

By: Anonymous  |  May 23, 2021

The Soul She Sold

By Anonymous

Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was “Catharsis”, and we are featuring the anonymously written piece, ‘The Soul She Sold’. Other submissions of honorable mention have been published as well.


It was different before.

I remind myself of the days

When you had a soul

As we laughed,

And laughed,

And laughed on the couch.

The laughter

And the soul

Were pressed from you.

I mourn them both.


You promised to tell

Their truth

Their whole truth

Nothing but their truth.

But isn’t there more truth than that?

Isn’t the truth

That is not theirs

Truth nonetheless?


The fact is,

Facts do care about my feelings —

Even if you do not.