YSU v. Canvassing Committee Case Resolved; Spring 2021 Wilf Election Results Announced

By: Shoshanah Marcus  |  May 6, 2021

By Shoshanah Marcus, News Editor

On April 30, 2021, an email was sent to the Yeshiva University Wilf undergraduate student body announcing the results of the YSU v. Canvassing Committee case. This case questioned whether Post Pesach Program students would be able to vote in the Spring 2021 Wilf election and subsequently delayed the results of the Wilf election.

In their decision, the student court held that “Students of Yeshiva University’s Post Pesach Program are considered ‘Yeshiva University Undergraduate male students,’ and can vote in Wilf Elections for YSU President, YSU Vice President of Class Affairs, YSU Vice President of Clubs, SOY President, Vice President, PR Secretary, and all amendments, as mandated by the constitution.” The court continued to explain that “due to the error by the Canvassing Committee in not sending ballots to Post Pesach students” the court ruled that the Canvassing Committee “not release the results of the election until all Post Pesach Students [have] receive[d] a ballot and are able to exercise their constitutional voting rights.” 

Dovie Solomon (SYMS, ‘21), chair of the Canvassing Committee, shared, “We want to get the results out ASAP as the school and Candidates are owed that so this was the time solution we felt was right for all.” The ballots for Post Pesach Program (PPP) students opened at 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon and closed on Sunday morning at 1 a.m. According to Solomon, “No new PPP filled out a ballot after 5:30 Friday afternoon and a total of 10 ballots had votes cast.”

The following are the results of the Wilf Campus elections:
YSU President: Elazar Abrahams
YSU Vice President of Academic Affairs: Michael Stark
YSU Vice President of Clubs: Baruch Lerman
YSU Makor Representative: Menachem Aharon Wallach
YSU Katz Representative: none 

YCSC President: Jonah Chill
YCSC Vice President: David Lifschitz
YCSC Treasurer: AJ Book

SYMS President: Akiva Poppers
SYMS Vice President: Eden Taranto
SYMS Treasurer: Gilad Menashe

SOY President: Yoni Laub
SOY Vice President: Aryeh Beinstock
SOY Public Relations Representative: Ezra Emerson
SOY MYP Representative: Ephriam Klein
SOY BMP Representative: Joey Yellin
SOY IBC Representative: Max Friedman
SOY JSS Representative: Marc Ziarno

Senior Class President: Joey Wajsberg
Junior Class President: Yisroel Tannenbaum

In addition, the following is a summary of the rulings made for the proposed amendments voted on in the student council election:
Amendment 1: Passed
Amendment 2: Passed
Amendment 3: Passed
Amendment 4: Rejected
Amendment 5: Passed
Amendment 6: Passed
Amendment 7: Rejected
Amendment 8: Passed