Spring 2021 Beren Election Results Announced; Wilf Results Delayed

By: Shoshanah Marcus  |  April 30, 2021

By Shoshanah Marcus, News Editor

The Yeshiva University undergraduate student body voted on April 29, 2021 for their respective Beren and Wilf candidates in the Spring 2021 student elections, with polls closing at 5 p.m. EST.

Students on the Beren Campus were notified of the results via an email from the Beren Election Committee on April 30, 2021 at 1:30 a.m. EST. The released results were reported as follows:

SCWSC President: Talia Leitner
SCWSC VP of Academic Affairs: Hadas Hirt
SCWSC VP of Clubs: Shaina Matveev
SCWSC VP of Programming: Nina Anina
SCWSC VP of PR: Meital Lindenberg
SCWSC Class Council Senior Rep President: Yael Laks
SCWSC Class Council Junior Rep President: Natalie Barbanel

TAC President: Suzanne Rabinovich
TAC VP of Speakers: Ayelet Topp
TAC VP of PR: Hanna Karben
TAC VP of Chesed: Sela Boord

SYMSSC President: Abigail Lerman
SYMSSC VP of Clubs: Shaina Levin
SYMSSC VP of PR: Rafi Kapitanker

The email further notified students that the the candidates running in the Spring 2021 election for the positions of TAC VP of Shabbat, Class Council Senior Rep VP, Class Council Junior Rep VP, Class Council Sophomore Rep President, and Class Council Sophomore Rep VP did not “[fulfill] either the criteria for eligibility or votes required set forth by the Beren Constitution.” The announcement concluded, “These positions will be included in the Fall 2021 election along with the Katz Class Council and Freshman Class Council.”

The Spring 2021 Wilf Campus election results have not been announced yet, due to a petition sent to the Wilf Student Court regarding whether students participating in the Post-Pesach Program can vote.