Arts & Culture
Mon Voyage à Paris
By: Sarah Mandelbaum  | 2014-08-19
Finding Art in Unexpected Places
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-08-19
Get Tanked: NYC’s Water Tanks Get a Meaningful Makeover
By: Makena Owens  | 2014-08-19
My Birth Right
By: Miriam Herst  | 2014-08-19
A Book Reading of Dr. Ann Peters’ “House Hold”
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-05-12
The Lost Art of Gentleness
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-05-12
Culture in the City: Summer Edition
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-05-12
Andy Warhol: Icon From Digital Art to Pop Art
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-05-12
Stern Dramatics Society Triumphs in The Tempest
By: Shoshana Bachrach  | 2014-04-09
An Emotional Response to the Symphony
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-04-09
Once Again, The People Sing on Broadway
By: Sora Gordon  | 2014-04-09
Theater Talk: YCDS’s The Mouse That Roared
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-04-09
Home Suite: Art Professor Traci Tullius on Her Solo Exhibit
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2014-04-09
YU Museum: A Celebration of Jewish Composers
By: Sarah King  | 2014-04-09
Film Talk: Monuments Men
By: Ayden Pahmer  | 2014-03-17
Smokey Jane's Cafe: A Review
By: Shayna Darling  | 2014-03-17
The Honors Program Takes Lincoln Center
By: Talia Bassali  | 2014-03-17
Celebrating What I Be: Jews of NY
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-02-24
Museum Talk: Girl With a Pearl Earring and Dutch Masterpieces from the Mauritshuis
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-02-17
Light and Shadows: The Story of Iranian Jews
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-02-17
Walter Mitty Teaches Valuable Lessons About Living an Extraordinary Life
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-02-17
Leaving their Panties on the Floor: Girls Portrayal of the Nude
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2014-02-17
Exhibit Talk: Edgar Allan Poe at the Morgan
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-02-17
What They Be: An Exclusive Interview With the Students Who Started It All
By: Dasha Sominski Mati Engel Observer Staff  | 2014-01-30
Museum Talk: Threshold to the Sacred at the YU Museum
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-01-01
The Best of 2013
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-01-01
How We Met Gandalf
By: Lizzie Rozentsvayg Raquel Miller  | 2014-01-01
Success is a B****: A Review of Terra Nova
By: Sarah King  | 2014-01-01
45 Seconds of Eternity: Yayoi Kusama’s I Who Arrived in Heaven
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2013-12-16
Stern College Dramatics Society’s “The Wizard of Oz"
By: Shoshana Bachrach  | 2013-12-16
Film Talk: Don Jon
By: Abigail Bachrach  | 2013-12-16
An Introspection: Magritte at MoMA
By: Jordana Burstein  | 2013-12-16
From Pen Pal to Famous Author
By: Sarah Katz  | 2013-11-18
From Yeshiva University to the Comedy Scene
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2013-11-18
Balthus: One Fetish Too Far?
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2013-11-18
Defying Gravity
By: Hannah Dreyfus  | 2013-11-18
The Art of Spoken Word Poetry
By: Aliza Chase  | 2013-11-18
Theater Talk: The Glass Menagerie
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2013-11-18
“Rain Room,” an Experiential Drought
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2013-10-21
As Far As the Eye Can See: New York Comic Con
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2013-10-21
Jews in the City
By: Yael Farzan  | 2013-10-21
Film Talk: Operation Candlelight
By: Carmelle Danneman  | 2013-10-21
Outsider or Insider at New York Fashion Week?
By: Shoshana Bachrach  | 2013-10-21
Nature In NYC
By: MIchal Kaplan  | 2013-08-26
Hilarity Ensues in the Park
By: Mia Guttmann  | 2013-08-26
Punk-Chaos to Couture
By: Shoshana Bachrach  | 2013-08-26
Cultural Destinations Around the City
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2013-08-26
Theater Talk: Macbeth, Something Wicked This Way Comes
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2013-08-26
Movie Talk: The Lone Ranger
By: Ayden Pahmer  | 2013-08-26
Playing in the Guggenheim: Gutai: Splendid Playground
By: Aimee Rubensteen  | 2013-05-20
Desperate and Disgraced: Designer John Galliano’s Comeback
By: Abigail Bachrach  | 2013-05-20
“Oblivion” and “Disconnect:” The Dead of the Future
By: Ezriel Gelbfish  | 2013-05-20
“You’re a Great Play, Charlie Brown”
By: Shalva Ginsparg  | 2013-05-20
Rethinking Abstraction: Inventing Abstraction at MoMA
By: Aimee Rubensteen  | 2013-05-20
So You Think Stern Can Dance? The Answer is Definitely Yes!
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2013-05-20
Redefining Williamsburg
By: Abigail Bachrach  | 2013-04-29
Oh Say Does That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave?
By: Shira Kaye  | 2013-04-29
Passages Through the Fire: Jews and the Civil War
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2013-04-29
Too Big For Its Boots: Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines
By: Ezriel Gelbfish  | 2013-04-29
Rethinking Abstraction: Inventing Abstraction at MoMA
By: Aimee Rubensteen  | 2013-04-29