Arts & Culture
Aladdin: Hits and Misses of the Adapted Musical
By: Zev Behar  | 2015-12-09
Culture Shock: 50 East 34th Street
By: Emily Chase  | 2015-12-09
You’re in the Band: A Review of School of Rock: The Musical
By: Rachel Okin  | 2015-12-09
From Herald Square to Fifth Avenue: The Biggest Holiday Window Displays
By: Abby Adler  | 2015-12-09
Women and Genius
By: Sara Pool  | 2015-11-13
Fat Cat Jazz Bar: A Review By an Under-ager
By: Abby Adler  | 2015-11-13
Stitches of Laughter: A Review of The Pirates of Penzance
By: Chaviva Freedman  | 2015-11-13
An Exclusive From Second to the Right: The Origin Story of Peter Pan
By: Zach Neuman  | 2015-11-13
Something Wonderful: A Review of The King and I
By: Rachel Gottlieb  | 2015-11-13
Living Solo: A Review of The Martian
By: Shira Huberfeld  | 2015-11-13
Society in the Mirror: A Review of Jonathan Franzen’s Purity
By: Shira Huberfeld  | 2015-10-19
Walking Through the Phantasmagorical Garden of Threatened Beauty
By: Chana Miller  | 2015-10-19
Hagit Lalo: A Painter Who Begins at the End
By: Miriam Rubin  | 2015-10-19
Roading With the Homies: A Road Trip Memoir
By: Abby Adler  | 2015-09-18
Seamless Transitions: A Review of 'The 39 Steps'
By: Zev Behar  | 2015-09-18
Living While Dying: A Review of 'Still Alice'
By: Rachel Okin  | 2015-09-18
Summer Internship, Potential Career?
By: Chaviva Freedman  | 2015-08-25
A Bittersweet Comparison: A Review of Go Set a Watchman
By: Rachel Okin  | 2015-08-25
A Rambunctiously Rotten Take On Theater: A Review of Something Rotten!
By: Jamie Baum Something Rotten theater  | 2015-08-25
When in Rome
By: Abby Adler  | 2015-08-25
Complementary Characters- A Review of Arsenic and Old Lace
By: Sora Gordon  | 2015-05-12
The Endeavors of Youth in Theater
By: Chaviva Friedman  | 2015-05-12
Top Ten Movies Not to Be Missed Summer 2015
By: Rosie Lenoff  | 2015-05-12
A Closer Look at YCDS Production of The Boys Next Door
By: Dov and Shelley Adelson  | 2015-04-13
Living History Through Text: An Exhibition
By: Cayley Stark  | 2015-04-13
More Than Just the Look: Warby Parker and the Glasses Trend
By: Emily Chase  | 2015-04-13
The Electrifying Power of Self-Expression: So You Think Stern Can Dance
By: Daniella Penn  | 2015-04-13
A Classic Tale with a New Twist: A Movie Review of Cinderella
By: Sarah Katz  | 2015-04-13
In Defense of that Netflix Binge: Why Watching Television is Worthwhile
By: Esti Hirt  | 2015-04-13
The Highs and Lows of the 2015 Oscars
By: Shira Huberfeld  | 2015-03-13
Goodbye Snowmaggedon, Hello Spring! The Observer Staff Presents: Cultural Activities for Spring Time in NYC
By: Observer Staff  | 2015-03-13
Yes, I Saw Fifty Shades; and Yes, You’re Going to Read About It
By: Makena Owens  | 2015-03-13
Your Front-row Invite to Fashion Week Awaits
By: Abigail Bachrach  | 2015-03-13
Reese Witherspoon Hikes Her Way to a New Image in Wild
By: Makena Owens  | 2015-02-11
Seeing Israel
By: Sora Gordon  | 2015-02-11
A Review of A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the Greatest of the Great...
By: Miriam Rubin  | 2015-02-11
A Broadway Widow: Lehár for the Masses
By: Sarah King  | 2015-02-11
The Observer’s Holiday Gift Guide
By: Miriam Herst  | 2014-12-11
The Journey of “The Singing Rabbi,” A Review of Soul Doctor
By: Sarah Katz  | 2014-12-11
From She’s the Man to If/Then – a Star’s Road to Broadway
By: Chaviva Freedman  | 2014-12-11
A Few of Our Favorite Things about the SCDS Production of The Sound of Music
By: Sarala Pool and Elana Kook  | 2014-12-11
Just in Time for Finals: Best Study Spots Around Town
By: Sora Gordon  | 2014-12-11
Beautiful Transience: A Review of La Bohème
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-12-11
A Night at Cinema Village: The Green Prince
By: Abigail Bachrach  | 2014-11-13
A Film to Help with Any Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
By: Sarah Katz  | 2014-11-13
Death Becomes Her, Maybe a Little Too Much: An Exhibit of Mourning Apparel at the Met
By: Shira Huberfeld  | 2014-11-13
Not Such Festive Lights
By: Miriam Herst  | 2014-11-13
A Late Night with Seth Meyers
By: Chaviva Friedman  | 2014-11-13
Prepare to Have Your Stockings Blown off Your Feet
By: Chevi Friedman  | 2014-11-13
Jeff Koons: Just Another Art Exhibit
By: Shira Huberfeld  | 2014-10-01
It’s Late Night New York with Jimmy Fallon
By: Zahava Lieberman  | 2014-10-01
The Giver vs The Giver
By: Sarah Katz  | 2014-10-01
Mon Voyage à Paris
By: Sarah Mandelbaum  | 2014-08-19
Finding Art in Unexpected Places
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-08-19
Get Tanked: NYC’s Water Tanks Get a Meaningful Makeover
By: Makena Owens  | 2014-08-19
My Birth Right
By: Miriam Herst  | 2014-08-19
A Book Reading of Dr. Ann Peters’ “House Hold”
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-05-12
The Lost Art of Gentleness
By: Emily Chase  | 2014-05-12
Culture in the City: Summer Edition
By: Hannah Rozenblat  | 2014-05-12
Andy Warhol: Icon From Digital Art to Pop Art
By: Michal Kaplan-Nadel  | 2014-05-12