The Best Activities to Do This Summer in NYC

By: Sarah Offenberg  |  May 11, 2024

By Sarah Offenberg, Social Media Manager and Staff Writer

It is that time of year again; the weather has gotten warmer and the people of New York City are happily enjoying their time outside in the sun. Summertime in NYC is great for many reasons, one of them being the multitude of options of various activities to do. While it is great that there are so many choices, it can sometimes feel overwhelming exploring all the options. So here is a list of five different NYC summer activities to spice up your summer Sunday.

  • Bryant Park Movie Nights 

Bryant Park is known for its wonderful winter activities such as ice skating and the Winter Village Market. However, many might not know that Bryant Park also has great summer activities as well! Starting June 12, Bryant Park will host its annual Summer Movie Nights! Be sure to stop on by if you want to relax and watch a great movie in the park on one of those cool evenings 

  • Rent a Bike in Central Park 

Central Park is one of NYC’s most popular parks, sporting beautiful scenery. However, among the various activities that Central Park has to offer, I would recommend renting a bike and strolling through the park with some friends. You can either rent a bike on your own and go at your own pace, or you can go with a group on a Highlights of Central Park Bike Tour. Either way, this will provide you with the chance to view all that the park had to offer as well as its beautiful surroundings.   

  • Farmers Markets and Flea Markets 

There are a few NYC farmers markets to choose from; however, I recommend checking out the Union Square Farmers Market or the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza Farmers Market located on E 47th Street at Second Avenue! Additionally, I suggest exploring some flea markets where you can browse more than just food, ranging from things such as clothing and jewelry to paintings or fresh handmade soaps! I would recommend checking out the Grand Bazaar Market or the Ludlow Flea Market for experiences such as these.   

  •  Visit Niche Cafes 

Cafes are a year-round NYC specialty, especially during the summer, hopping from one cafe to the next is a wonderful experience. I would recommend trying to break out of your usual routine cafes and trying some new ones. If you are looking for some well-priced delicious food I would recommend Effy’s Cafe. However, if you are looking for more of an experience rather than food I would recommend checking out a cat cafe such as Koneko Cat Cafe or visit The FRIENDS Experience at Central Perk (however, just to note, both of which are not Kosher, so they are more for the experience rather than the food).   

  • Picnic in Washington Square Park 

If you are looking for a low-effort activity, I would recommend going back to basics! Grab a blanket, some friends and food, and sit down for a nice picnic in Washington Square Park. Buzzing with people and sporting a beautiful fountain, Washington Square Park is the place to be during the summer. 

This summer, no matter which NYC activities you choose to fill your days, I hope you have an amazing, relaxing and exciting time after the long school year!