Club Profile: The Ice Cream Club

By: Gabriella Gomperts  |  May 11, 2024

By Gabriella Gomperts, Features Editor

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight one club available to the YU undergraduate community. For the May 2024 edition, the YU Observer is highlighting the Ice Cream Club.

Club Name: The Ice Cream Club

Head(s): Yisroel Rosner & Sofía Rauh

Relevant Campus(es): Wilf & Beren 

What is your club’s mission statement? 

The YU Ice Cream Club is dedicated to bringing sweetness to every moment on campus. Fueled by our passion for premium flavors and creative concoctions, we unite fellow ice cream enthusiasts in a delightful journey of taste and camaraderie. We aim to create a vibrant community where friends gather, memories are made, and the love for ice cream is celebrated.

Why is this club important? 

The importance of the YU Ice Cream Club lies within the ineffable power of ice cream to bring people together. From childhood to adulthood, ice cream is a universal social glue, whether it’s parents using ice cream as an incentive for their children’s behavior, or someone bringing their date to an ice cream parlor. Ice cream brings people together, and that’s what we try to do with the ice cream club – use it as a medium to bring YU students together. Additionally, ice cream is incredibly delicious and can provide a nice respite from the harsh demands of student life.

What inspired you to get involved in/start the club?

Roel: Quite frankly, I wanted ice cream in the Heights. There used to be a Froyo place (that doesn’t deserve to be plugged but I’ll do it anyway) called 16 Handles right off of Audubon. For some reason, they closed soon after I arrived at YU, and I never got the chance to go. No more frozen treats! Safe to say, I was in a depressed stupor for a couple of days. That’s what sparked my idea for the ice cream club. I decided that there is absolutely no reason for Wilf campus students not to have access to ice cream, and voila! Soon after the club was approved on the Wilf campus and membership started to take off. The club concept became too attractive to not expand to Beren, and with the help of Sofia, the Ice Cream Club is now an intercampus club.

Sofia: I discovered the Ice Cream Club on the Wilf campus and was surprised to learn that Beren didn’t have one. Taking action, I decided to establish the Ice Cream Club on Beren because everyone deserves to enjoy ice cream. Since becoming co-ed, our club has experienced remarkable growth, and we’re committed to sharing the delight of ice cream with all our peers. 

What was your favorite event from this semester? 

Roel: My favorite event for this semester was the Ice Cream & Chess event, our “highly” anticipated collaboration with the YU Chess Club. We had a self-serve ice cream bar with different toppings and syrups. All the while people were playing chess, or if you’re like me, losing chess. There was even a chess tournament by the end, and more importantly all the ice cream was finished! Who knew that such a marriage would be so perfect? Don’t get me wrong, the Shake Social was also great, but it was kind of a mess – literally speaking of course. 

Sofia: Personally, my favorite event from this semester was the Shake Social on Wilf. Surrounded by friends, we made our own milkshakes with a variety of tasty toppings. The lively atmosphere and shared excitement made it an unforgettable experience, kicking off the semester with vibrant energy. I was thrilled with the turnout and I am excited for the next one!

What is your advice to someone looking to get involved on campus? 

Roel: Not to take a page out of Nike’s book but “Just do it.” If you are passionate about something and you want to start a club, start it. You’ll subsequently work out the finer details but if you don’t commit to getting it done you can’t assume it will just get done.

Sofia: I agree with Roel’s statement. Follow your passion and you’ll find other people who are interested in it, too! Get involved and you won’t regret it. When you pursue what you love, you’ll naturally find others who share your interests. Don’t hesitate to dive in and get involved. The connections and experiences waiting for you will bring joy and fulfillment.