Staff Writer Profile: Gabriella Gomperts 

By: Ally Hadge  |  December 20, 2023

By Ally Hadge, Features Editor

What year are you in Stern? 

I made the unorthodox decision to not go to seminary, so I’m a true sophomore.

Where did you go to high school? 

I went to Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles. 

What is your major? 

I’m a Media Studies major with a focus in Journalism. 

What do you want to do after college? 

Travel to new places, continue writing, and make Aliyah. 

What is your favorite section to write for? 

Probably Features because I enjoy the process of researching and compiling information in an understandable way. 

Why did you decide to join the YU Observer? 

Originally it was because I wanted to join a club and improve my writing, now it’s because I found that I really enjoy writing articles and love collaborating with my peers. 

What is your favorite article that you have written? 

My opinions article in response to seeing the Neturei Karta at a pro-Israel rally right after October 7th. I wrote it during another sleepless night not thinking of even publishing it, but the response has been really positive. 

Why should someone join the YU Observer? 

  1. It looks great on applications and resumes.
  2. You can improve your writing, research, and collaborating skills. 
  3. If you’re concerned about a heavy workload, the Observer is very low on commitment and there’s a lot of support throughout the writing process.
  4. It’s fun! You can write about anything that interests you. 

What is your favorite pie flavor?

Probably pecan pie. 

If you had to have strawberry ice cream, would you want it with chunks of strawberries or without? 

Without. I don’t need to chew my ice cream.