Club Profile: Music Club

By: Rivka Inger  |  December 18, 2023

By Rivka Inger, Senior Features Editor

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight one club available to the YU undergraduate community. For the December 2023 edition, the YU Observer is highlighting the Music Club.

Club Name: Music Club

Head(s): Miriam Bluth and Danny Kutin

Relevant Campus(es): Beren and Wilf

What is your club’s mission statement? To create a music community at YU.

Why is this club important? Mainly, it gives passionate musicians an opportunity to perform in front of a supportive audience. It also gives musicians a community to meet and interact with each other, so they can learn from and jam with each other.

What inspired you to get involved in/start the club? Miriam: I’m a musician, and I knew that there were other musicians on campus but I didn’t know how to find them. I love music and wanted to be able to play with other musicians and perform, but there were barely any opportunities to do so, so I figured I might as well make a club to do so.

What are some plans you have for this semester/future semesters? Next semester, we’ll have our well-loved Open Mic Night in February, and then Battle of the Bands later in the semester. Open Mic Night is an event where we host an informal opportunity for singers, musicians, or even bands to play their hearts out in a low pressure, fun environment. Battle of the Bands is our annual competition, where bands practice and compete for a variety of titles and prizes, and to ultimately see who will come out on top. In addition to these, we’ll also likely run some workshops and smaller events as well.

What is your advice to someone looking to get involved on campus? Just find a club that does whatever you love! It’s a great way to find people with common interests, and if the club you’re looking for doesn’t exist, then be the one to make it.

Anything else to say about your club: We’re very much inclusive of all music lovers, whether you play an instrument or not, if the passion is there, we’d love for anyone to join. There’s no performance without an audience 🙂