Left For Dead: A Story of Betrayal

By: Aiden Harow  |  November 21, 2023

By Aiden Harow, Opinions Editor 

It’s funny, isn’t it, how even the most bitter of enemies can find common ground over the things they love?

The Pilgrims and the Native Americans, despite consistently trying to destroy each other, came together for a single night to eat a turkey dinner that went down in history. British and German troops during World War I, after engaging in brutal fighting for months on end, celebrated Christmas with a ceasefire and a soccer game. Now, it seems that the Neo-Nazis and the radical leftists of America have been able to do the same, putting aside their differences in a touching show of unity to pursue a common goal near and dear to their hearts: destroying the Jewish people.

Sure, the alt-right has long been a known commodity. Horrific attacks like the one on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, when a gunman unloaded an assault rifle into innocent congregants on Shabbat morning screaming “All Jews Must Die!,” are a terrifying, yet unfortunate reality for Jews, both in America and around the world. What we never could have expected, however, especially in the modern era of “acceptance,” “tolerance,” and “equality,” was the complete and utter betrayal of the Progressive Left, manifesting itself in the form of unwavering and even gleeful support of the atrocities committed by Hamas.

Across America, college campuses, supposedly havens of free thought and intellectual curiosity, have erupted in antisemitic, pro-Hamas attacks. At Tulane, an Israeli flag was burned and Jewish students were assaulted. At Columbia, a Jewish student was cruelly beaten with a branch whilst protestors flung abuse at any Jewish student in sight. At Cooper Union, Jewish students were forced to barricade themselves in the library whilst protestors menacingly banged on windows and doors. Most frighteningly, at Cornell, a student threatened to shoot any and all Jews on campus, forcing the closure of the Kosher dining hall and added security around all Jewish establishments, and a history professor passionately proclaimed the slaughter of Israeli civilians to be “exhilarating” and “invigorating” at a pro-Palestinian rally.

Far-left politicians have also joined the fun. Rashida Tlaib, famously anti-Zionist and antisemitic, unapologetically continues to claim that Israel is responsible for the Baptist Hospital bombing even after the Pentagon has confirmed that the damage was caused by a misfired Islamic Jihad missile. She has also been censured by the House of Representatives for her baseless defense of the genocidal slogan “From The River To The Sea Palestine Will Be Free,” widely acknowledged to call for the annihilation of Israel and its Jews. Ilhan Omar, recently removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee for tweeting that “Israel has hypnotized the world” and praying that “Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” gave a tearful speech in defense of Tlaib, claiming  that any criticism directed at her comments is rooted in “islamophobia” and a desire to “silence women.” Most laughably of all, Cori Bush, also notoriously anti-Israel, compared the censure of Tlaib to “slavery,” and accused her colleagues of “targeting black and brown people,” clumsily attempting to deflect the issue at hand and use identity politics to score points with voters. She also called for an immediate cessation of US aid to Israel, effectively demanding that America leave one of its closest allies and the only democracy in the Middle East to the “mercy” of the fourteen Arab countries seeking its annihilation. 

To call this recent wave of hate a disgrace would be an understatement, not just because of the pain it is causing to the already-reeling Jewish community, but because of what it reveals about the future of the American progressive movement.

Once Israel and the Jewish people’s staunchest defenders, the far-left is making clear to the world how far they have fallen, not just abandoning Israel in its time of greatest need, but aligning themselves with its barbaric, genocidal enemies. Masquerading as advocates for peace, these so-called “human rights activists” unmask themselves when chants of “Free Gaza” and “Ceasefire Now” give way to hateful vitriol and indiscriminate violence. Their leadership, the supposedly “open-minded” and “accepting” new-wave Democrats, have shown themselves to be nothing more than petulant children, hypocritically brimming with contempt and rage towards any ideas that offend their delicate, misinformed sensibilities. Their supporters march through major cities in the thousands, holding swastikas high and proud, ripping down posters of the children kidnapped by Hamas, and even, as in the horrific bludgeoning of Paul Kessler, murdering Jewish counter-protestors.

None of this is new for us, though. We have watched countless previously accepting, tolerant societies turn against us at the drop of a hat. And yet, we not only survive, but prosper. Jews remain at the top of dozens of academic fields, multi-billion dollar companies, and prestigious universities. Our tiny little country, despite drawing the consistent ire of the international community simply for existing and defending itself, has taken its place amongst the world leaders in industry, military, technology, quality of life, and so much more. So, my message to those radical progressives who wish to see us destroyed is this: get in line. We haven’t survived three thousand years of hatred, pogroms, and genocide to be beaten by the likes of you. You might think you can intimidate us, even break us, but you can’t. Trust me. Worse than you have tried, and worse than you have failed. 

Better luck next time. Am Yisrael Chai.