The Ultimate Fall Playlist: Music for the Season Ahead

By: Sarah Offenberg  |  October 24, 2023

By Sarah Offenberg, Staff Writer

Somehow, it seems that autumn has arrived yet again. This season is my favorite month of the year. As the days get colder and the leaves turn various shades of brown and green, and coffee shops put back their fall themed drinks, I find that one of the ways to enhance this period is listening to cozy music suitable for the season. I have selected seven of my favorite songs to include in your fall playlist. Some of these tracks might not be on your radar, so I wholeheartedly recommend that you give them a listen.

  1. If you like indie pop songs, check out: $10 by Good Morning 

Good Morning, a duo from Melbourne, has many other singles that evoke a warm ambiance, all of them produced in a resigned, slow indie style. Another worthy mention from them is their song “Warned You”. 

  1. If you like soul with a bit of a twist, try Texas Sun by Leon Bridges and Khruangbin

Both Leon Bridges and Khruangbin’s music produces a very relaxed and comfortable feeling when listened to, so much so that they have paired up on multiple songs together. This being one of their more popular ones. Khruangbin has great music as well, I would suggest checking out their song “White Gloves”, which has a sort of psychedelic RnB vibe. 

  1. Go for the classics – with songs like “Distant Lover” and “What’s Going on” by Marvin Gaye

You are likely familiar with Marvin Gaye’s wonderful music, but these two songs specifically are particularly wonderful for fall. 

  1. If you want a nice jazz background try Riot by Hugh Masekela

I love walking to this song. I find that having just the instrumental music with no vocals can help clear your head. This song was also used as a sample for popular Hip Hop artist Earl Sweatshirt’s song “Riot!”, it is actually one of his most popular songs. 

  1. Another beautiful jazz song to listen too is “Lush Life” by John Coltrane

Surprisingly, this is one of Coltrane’s lesser known songs, however it is my favorite song by him and definitely merits a listen. I find that having jazz music creates a fuzzy and peaceful background for me, especially in fall time. 

  1. If you like indie/folk music, I suggest giving “Kingston” by Faye Webster a listen.

Faye Webster is known for creating a captivating blend of indie folk and alternative country music and has become one of my favorite artists personally for her warm sound and relatable song lyrics. Webster has a multitude of exceptional songs, and I highly recommend checking out all of her music.  

  1. If you like Fleetwood Mac, check out one of their lesser popular songs, Only over You

Established in 1967, iconic rock band Fleetwood Mac has not only made an incredible imprint in the music world but still maintains high popularity among today’s listeners, captivating people from all ages thanks to their timeless hits. You have most likely heard hits of theirs such as “Dreams” or “The Chain” but you should consider listening to lesser known songs by them like “Only over You”, “Future Games” or “Emerald Eyes”.

As we navigate this autumn season, I encourage everyone to pause and make time for self-care. Take a moment to unwind and fully immerse themselves in the exquisite beauty of fall that surrounds us. If you had the opportunity to listen to these songs, I genuinely hope they brought you as much joy as they have brought me.