A Statement on the war in Israel from the YUPAC Board

By: The YUPAC Board  |  October 13, 2023

By the YUPAC Board

The Yeshiva University Political Action Club (YUPAC) board is deeply saddened by the current war in Israel. We strongly condemn the acts of terrorism by Hamas. As the political action club on campus, we are angered by the terrorism of Hamas and the heinous war crimes committed. As a club, we have always focused on improving the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. We call for American aid in this time of need. We are grateful for the current assistance President Biden has given to Israel and call on him to further support Israel’s right to defend itself.

We are grateful that Yeshiva University has implemented programs for its students at this time. We believe that YU is a place of comfort and safety for all Israeli and Jewish students. We see that the university stands with Israel now and always and fully commend this. During these times of pain, we encourage everyone to spread love and kindness as well as the truth of what is going on in Israel rather than focusing on propaganda. We believe that those who are supporting Hamas’ efforts are either misinformed or are true anti-semites.  

For years, the Yeshiva University Political Action Club has served as the university’s bipartisan Israel advocacy and education club. In addition to events on the YU campuses, YUPAC creates a bridge between our campus and the broader pro-Israel advocacy community. This effort will continue, with an even stronger love and appreciation for our country, Israel. YUPAC is constantly engaging with the leadership in the US to ensure steadfast support for Israel, and will continue to do so as this war persists and beyond. As we continue activities and classes on campus, we encourage students to always keep Israel in the forefront of their minds. Israel needs all of our collective support.