Playa Bowls: A Step Into Paradise

By: Ally Hadge  |  September 21, 2023

By Ally Hadge, Staff Writer

Most students who enroll in college graduate with a bachelor’s degree and move on to various careers or graduate schools on subjects that they are passionate about. Some, however, are left with a sense that their future lies elsewhere and wish to explore something new. Two Jersey Shore residents, named Rob and Abby, knew that their lives were about to take a greater and more rewarding turn. On a late Saturday night, the two came up with a brilliant idea. At the time, in 2013, acai bowls were not particularly well-known, and if you did not travel to exotic locations, it is highly probable that you had never even heard of the berry, acai. The Playa Bowls website, tells the story: The idea the two came up with was to set up a stand on the Jersey Shore, where plenty of customers pass through. Rob and Abby asked the owner of a pizza shop whether they could set up a stand in front, but the owner was completely unaware of what acai was. Once they gave him a taste of one of their bowls, he was immediately blown away by what seemed to be a new creation. Thanks to these two individuals, something that was not widespread back then is now well known to everyone today.

Two Jersey Shore residents’ late-Saturday-night idea has evolved into a vibrant and successful business across the country. What started as a pop-up booth outside a pizzeria has captivated the current generation. All around America, more and more stores are opening. For Orthodox Jews, it is easy to find a location nearby because there are places all throughout the country that are certified kosher, and more are becoming certified. The Playa Bowls website explains it is a relaxed eatery that serves up fresh smoothies, and tasty bowls of acai, pitaya, or other nutritious blends. There are numerous toppings to pick from including Nutella, peanut butter, coconut flakes, various fruits, and more. You can design your own bowl and select what you like best rather than having to choose something off the menu that you might not enjoy as much. If you feel like having two, you can mix and match the bowls with your favorite bases. What appears to be a snack is definitely a main meal or can perhaps even be considered dessert. The bowls are incredibly filling making the prices totally worth it, in my opinion.  

When someone asks you to close your eyes and imagine paradise, the image of a place with an ocean nearby, palm trees off to the side, and sand directly in front of you usually comes to mind. Playa Bowls is not just another place where people go to sit and eat, it is a place where individuals can transport themselves into another reality. Murals featuring mermaids, palm trees, pineapples, anchors, and the ocean cover the walls. The atmosphere sends out a surfer-like ambiance, and you feel instantly at ease and at peace. There is constant background music playing, and a positive energy permeates the space. As soon as you clutch that handle and open the door, you immediately get the feeling that you have just spent the day at the beach and are hungry for something to eat. No longer are you worried about any stressors in your life; instead, you temporarily experience the feeling of being on vacation on a tropical island. The ideal location to visit when you need to pause life for a while and slow down the day is Playa Bowls. Everyday life can be hectic, which makes it crucial to schedule time for breaks. You are left feeling healthy and rejuvenated, ready to continue on with your busy day.