A Time to Rant and Rave: the News in Newspaper

By: Aaron Shaykevich  |  September 22, 2023

By Aaron Shaykevich, Editor-in-Chief

It’s no secret that in the past year, the YU Observer hasn’t covered the news. We haven’t given an update on the most recent YU student court decision or discussed the expansion of the Sephardic Beit Midrash (Jewish study hall). And, rightfully so, many have been disappointed. Yet, I believe that we still do cover news, just not in the traditional sense. 

I implore our readers to look at our opinions section. If you are reading the physical copy of this paper, go turn the page, if you are online, click the “opinions” link above, I’ll still be here when you’re done. Notice the vast range of topics discussed, notice the passion our writers have about the causes they believe in. This dedication extends to our other sections as well. Each and every writer takes the time to share something they truly believe in and are passionate about. This is evident through their decisions on what topics to cover, both inside and out of our YU community, and their personal stylistic preferences in what they wish to convey. If you ask our current new and seasoned staff writers, I am sure they will unanimously agree. The YU Observer aims to cultivate a team of talented, passionate, and dedicated writers who care and want to share their ideas with the YU community. I fundamentally believe that the YU Observer exists because of the amazing team we have and their vivid and vast opinions and ideas that we believe should be shared with all. 

So, what is news? I’ve always defined news as a collection of facts organized in an unbiased manner to educate someone of something. Yet, while very very important (and I believe the YU Commentator does an excellent job at it), traditional news misses out on one crucial element, the ability to truly emphasize the evolution and advancement of student voices on campus. The YU Observer does cover news, the news that people have strong opinions about, the news worth taking the time to interview someone and feature, the news worth detailing and analyzing for a business article. 

The YU Observer took away “news” last year from its readers, but today I am happy to officially announce the introduction of a new section: Rants and Raves. This section will include miniature anonymous articles (~ 50-150 words) covering either a “rant” or “rave” on a topic someone feels passionately about. First introduced to me by Ruchama Benhamou, the YU Observer’s one and only managing editor, I was first skeptical. Yet, when I asked editor and staff writer applicants to voice their suggestions to the YU Observer, one suggestion was loud and clear, to make the YU Observer more “fun.” For those of you who know me, “fun” isn’t exactly my middle name, but in some way I realize that the YU Observer can use this section as a platform for those who wish to share opinions they believe in – in a short and lighthearted way. This change marks, in my mind, the beginning of a paper completely and solely devoted to the student voice, the true “news.”