Club Profile: Psychology Club 

By: Ru Benhamou  |  April 24, 2023

By Ru Benhamou, Features Editor

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight one club available to the YU undergraduate community. For the March 2023 edition, the YU Observer is highlighting the Psychology Club.

Club Name: Psychology Club

Heads: Shirley Shayetehkhoy and Shneur Levy 

Relevant Campus(es): Beren, Wilf 

What is your club’s mission statement?:

Our mission is to help all students interested in the field of psychology, not just students who are psychology majors, who either wish to learn more about the subject as a whole or about the various opportunities and paths it entails. We also help bring awareness to various issues in the psychology world, such as the multitude of mental illnesses and how greatly detrimental they can be. 

Why is this club important?:

This club is important because we guide students through the process of finding their passions and place within the field. We analyze and converse about the complexities of the different career paths in psychology, as well as feature different professionals who work within the field to inform and speak to students about what the career process consists of. For example, we had an event explaining the different components of attending graduate school, as well as figuring out which specialty they wish to pursue. 

What inspired you to get involved in/start the club?:

Molly Cate, Board Member: I wanted to be involved in the Psychology Club because I believe the club brings so much awareness to topics that are not spoken about enough, and that a lot of students really struggle with. I also think this is a great club for new students to get involved who are just finding their place in YU.

What are some things your club has done in the past?:

We have brought many great speakers to speak about their specific specialties within psychology, and we had a panel bringing people together to answer questions submitted by students. 

What are some plans you have for this semester/future semesters?:

We will have all different kinds of events! Certain events will feature professionals in the field, others will consist of a panel of speakers, and there will also be general awareness and informational events about the world of psychology. Join the club to find out 🙂

What is your advice to someone looking to get involved on campus?:

Come to our events, reach out to people who are on the board or very involved in the club. We’d love to help more people be involved!

Anything else to say about your club:

This is not only a club for psychology majors/minors! This is a fun way for anyone who wants to learn more about psychology or more about a different field/career path!