YU Observer Staff Picks: Favorite Shows, Movies, Books, and Songs

By: YU Observer Staff  |  February 16, 2023


Observer Position

Media Form

Title and Author/Artist

Watch, read, listen to this when you: 

Benjy Gottesman



Book of Mercy by Leonard Cohen

Are feeling pensive

Daniel Ganopolsky

Opinions Editor 


Straus, Spinoza & Sinai

Start to question what your Bubby told you to be true

Eli Levi

Business Editor


American Pastoral by Phillip Roth

Want to learn about the most visceral and defining story of America across the 70s

Elisheva Hirsch

Arts & Culture Editor


Walk by Griff

Need some positive encouragement

Atara Bachrach

Opinions Editor and Website Manager

TV Show


Want something intellectually and emotionally stimulating, but fun and adventurous. It’s a journey to watch 🙂

Joshua Feigin

Business Editor 


The Silent Patient

Are in the mood for a psychological thriller 

Racheli Jian

Layout Editor

TV Show

Derry Girls

Want to see a chaotic show that will make you laugh

David Yagudayev

Sci-Tech Editor


ReallySlowMotionMusic – Event Horizon

Are looking for some phenomenal instrumental music that is very uplifting

Rivka Shavelson

Opinions Editor

TV Series

The Twilight Zone

Want to think

Emily Goldberg 

Layout Editor and Social Media Manager



Want a fascinating read about the process of criminal profiling by a former FBI agent. 

Shayna Kahane 

Arts & Culture Editor

TV Show  

Gilmore Girls 

Are happy, sad, angry, excited and berthing in between. In conclusion… always

Rachel Gilinski 

Features Editor

TV Show

The Good Place

Want to laugh but also be confronted with what it means to be a good person

Raquel Leifer

Features Editor


The Choice by Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Want an inspirational memoir by a Holocaust survivor about resilience and the importance of choices that we make 

Amalya Teitelbaum

Business Editor


The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Are in the mood to solve a mystery and be enthralled by dark twists

Belina Milhem Jena

Layout Editor

TV Show

The Other Two

Want to watch a comedy about a dysfunctional family chasing their dream in NYC

Rina Shamilov 

Arts & Culture Editor


Middlemarch by George Elliot

Need to stay on top of your required readings but also vibe with weird Victorian power dynamics

Aaron Shaykevich 

Managing Editor


The Fountainhead

Are going against the grain

Yosef Scher

Science and Technology Editor

TV Show

MacGyver (1985 version)

Need to take a break from the pre-med grind