Stability AI

By: Eli Levi  |  February 19, 2023

By Eli Levi, Business Editor

As AI has come into the zeitgeist, more and more people have jumped on large language models like ChatGPT. Yet, Stability AI is one of the larger and more brilliant companies in the space. Founded by Emad Mostaque, Stability AI, with a recent investment from Jim O’Shaughnessy, is ready to bring AI to the masses. AI can be compared to the internet with most of the tech behemoths using closed-source code available only to them as opposed to the open-source of GitHub or Adobe. Similarly, AI has closed-source companies like OpenAI and open-source like Stability AI. Since Stability open-sourced all of its models, they monetize by personalizing and training its large data models to solve specific use cases for more clients than they know what to do with.

One example of how Stability AI will change the future is through the entertainment medium. Recently Logan Bartlett, a VC at Redpoint Ventures, interviewed Mostaque on his podcast and they discussed the intersection of artificial intelligence and entertainment. During the interview, Mostaque discussed his vision for the future of entertainment and media, in which AI can produce customized movies on demand for individual users based on their preferences and inputs.

According to Mostaque, the end state of entertainment and media is one in which AI will play a central role in creating and distributing content. Gone will be the days of scrolling through endless libraries of movies and TV shows, trying to find something that suits your mood.

“In a year or two we’ll be generating movies in real-time,” said Mostaque. Based on the AI models he has created and the work he has already done with different film producers, Mostaque sees his prediction coming true. Similar to when Marc Andreessen wrote his now infamous blog post “Why Software is Eating the World,” AI will automate away almost everything and complete tasks better than humans. The very nature of AI is that it only gets better. It might take time for AI to train to be as good of a director as a Tarantino or a Scorsese, but once it gets there, it will only become better than them. AI is the future, get ready.

The current headline for AI is “AI beats chess master” whereas an alternative headline could be “AI makes all chess masters better” By democratizing access to AI Stability hopes to show that AI is not here to take away jobs but rather improve and bring all of humanity up another level.