Interview with YUNMUN XXXIII Secretary General

By: Aaron Shaykevich  |  February 21, 2023

By Aaron Shaykevich, Managing Editor

On February 5-7, 2023, Yeshiva University hosted its 33rd annual model UN conference (YUNMUN). The YU Observer is highlighting Eitana Schick, the Secretary General of YUNMUN XXXIII.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you became involved in YUNMUN?

I’m from West Hempstead, NY, and am currently a senior at Stern studying psychology. I went to Central for high school and Harova for seminary; this year was my sixth and final YUNMUN. I got inspired to try out for my high school’s delegation because of my sister, who had been on the team before me and was actually Secretary General a few years ago. I joined my sophomore year and from my first conference it became one of my favorite parts of high school!


How do you see YUNMUN evolving and growing in the future?

YUNMUN is such a unique experience because it brings together students from around the world. In the past, students from Canada, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, and all over the US have participated. Hopefully, as YUNMUN continues to develop, students from other schools and countries will be able to join as well!

What advice do you have for individuals who are interested in pursuing leadership roles in YUNMUN or other similar events?

It’s easy to get involved! Leadership positions might seem impossible if you’re not on any teams or clubs, but it’s all about taking that first step and joining.

Can you share the funniest experience you’ve had as Secretary General?

Hmm that’s a hard one, there are so many to choose from. Let’s just say it involved water guns, a crib, and some rubber ducks. I’ll leave it at that.

Can you describe a particularly memorable moment from your time as Secretary General of YUNMUN?

Definitely giving my opening and closing speeches. It’s still crazy to me that I spoke in front of so many people! And it’s especially meaningful because I remember being a delegate in high school and listening to the Secretary General’s speech, thinking that they were the coolest person ever, and now I was lucky enough to hold that position.

What has been your proudest moment as Secretary General?

It might sound funny, but my proudest moment is probably when it ended. I, along with so many other people, put in months of hard work to make the conference the success that it was, and when I banged my gavel to symbolize the end of the conference, I was really able to take a step back and think “Wow. We did it.”

Have you had any interesting interactions with delegates, members of the YUNMUN staff, or YU faculty, that you would like to share?

My favorite interaction was one I had with a former camper. She came over to me and started talking about how much she loved the conference, how incredible YUNMUN was, etc. She said that she never thought it was something she would have been able to do, but when I told her about it in camp she got inspired to try out. It really meant a lot to me that I was able to pass on my love for YUNMUN to a current high school student.

Anything else you can share?

Everyone should get involved in YUNMUN! Best three days ever 🙂