YU Observer Staff Picks: Favorite YU Courses

By: YU Observer Editorial Board  |  May 13, 2022

By YU Observer Editorial Board

To highlight the personalities of our talented staff, the YU Observer chooses to share one of the staff’s favorite picks. This month, as we reflect on our academic year, the YU Observer has decided to ask the YU Observer staff to share their favorite courses at YU. 

Shoshanah Marcus, Editor in Chief: Microbiology with Dr. Schuck (or Intro to Women’s Studies with Dr. Nachumi, I can’t decide)

Danielle Lane, Managing Editor: Voting and Elections with Matthew Incantalupo or Epidemiology with Daniel Kimmel

Bluma Gross, News Editor: Money and Power with Professor Shvetsov

Marcela Homsany, News Editor: Populism with Professor Panzarelli

Rina Shamilov, News Editor: Reading/ Writing Poetry with Professor Miller

Atara Bachrach, Opinions Editor & Website Manager: Club Hour, obviously 

Eli Saperstein, Opinions Editor: Independent study with Rabbi Rofeh, obviously

Aaron Shaykevich, Opinions Editor: Health Economics with Professor Grivoyannis 

Ru Benhamou, Features Editor: Religion and Philosophy with Professor Shatz 

Raquel Leifer, Features Editor: Bereishis with Dean Shoshana Schechter

Yael Spodek, Features Editor: Reading/Writing Poetry with Professor Miller 

Nicole Abittan, Science & Technology Editor: Medical Ethics with Rabbi Laufer

Leia Rubinstein, Science & Technology Editor: Microbiology

Yosef Scher, Science & Technology Editor: Epidemiology with Professor Purcell

Eli Levi, Business Editor: Parisian Views with Rachel Mesch (all day every day)

Jake Sheckter, Business Editor: Venture Capital & Angel Investing (Professors Bellows and Taragin) or Entrepreneurial Leadership (Professor Kornwasser)

Amalya Teitelbaum, Business Editor & Manager: Classical Political Philosophy 

Benjamin Gottesman, Arts & Culture Editor: Night Seder

Elisheva Hirsch, Arts & Culture Editor: Principles of Strategy with Professor Poczter

Cayla Muschel, Arts & Culture Editor: Creative Writing with Dr. Peters

Adi Benhanan, Website Manager: Shmuel I with Smadar Rosensweig or Color Theory with Prof. Mary Creede

Max Friedman, Website Manager: Intro to Algorithms

Ezra Jacobs, Business Manager: First Year Writing with Professor Trimboli

Rachel Gilinski, Social Media Manager: Principles of Strategy with Professor Finkel

Erica Sultan, Social Media Manager: Classical Jewish Archaeology with Jill Katz

Racheli Jian, Layout Editor: Education of Exceptional Children with Rachel Ginsberg

Belina Milhem Jena, Layout Editor: Language Development with Professor Paulino