YU Observer Staff Picks: Favorite Study Spots

By: YU Observer Editorial Board  |  April 4, 2022

By YU Observer Editorial Board

To highlight the personalities of our talented staff, the YU Observer chooses to share one of the staff’s favorite picks. This month, the YU Observer has decided to ask the YU Observer staff what their favorite study spots are at the moment. 

Shoshanah Marcus, Editor in Chief: the reference library in 245

Danielle Lane, Managing Editor: front lounge in Schottenstein Residence Hall (best dorm ever!!!!)

Rebecca Aduculesi, News Editor: the second floor library

Bluma Gross, News Editor: The back study room in Hedi Steinberg Library

Marcela Homsany, News Editor: The New York Public Library

Rina Shamilov, News Editor: My dorm room

Atara Bachrach, Opinions Editor & Website Manager: The corner study room in the Wilf library 

Eli Saperstein, Opinions Editor: Study? I’m in syms…

Aaron Shaykevich, Opinions Editor: At home (I commute)

Ru Benhamou, Features Editor: Room 210 in the Wilf Library 

Raquel Leifer, Features Editor: The Library 

Yael Spodek, Features Editor: Study Room 211 at Wilf Library 

Nicole Abittan, Science & Technology Editor: 2nd floor library in 245 

Leia Rubinstein, Science & Technology Editor: study rooms 

Yosef Scher, Science & Technology Editor: My room

Eli Levi, Business Editor: Library third floor

Jake Sheckter, Business Editor: My apartment

Amalya Teitelbaum, Business Editor & Manager: Brookdale back lounge 

Benjamin Gottesman, Arts & Culture Editor: Gleuck 1

Elisheva Hirsch, Arts & Culture Editor: bean bag on 2nd floor library loft 

Cayla Muschel, Arts & Culture Editor: fifth floor of YU library in the colorful chairs by the railing! (with a coffee – shhh)

Adi Benhanan, Website Manager: Bean bags in the 9th floor Computer Science Lab in 245!

Max Friedman, Website Manager: Heights Lounge

Ezra Jacobs, Business Manager: My room (what else is a desk for?) 

Rachel Gilinski, Social Media Manager: What’s studying?

Erica Sultan, Social Media Manager: bottom level of the reference library 

Racheli Jian, Layout Editor: the bean bags on the upper floor of the 2nd floor library

Belina Milhem Jena, Layout Editor: Beit Midrash in 245