Neshamas Connect Puts a Spin on Jewish Dating

By: Raquel Leifer  |  April 5, 2022

By Raquel Leifer, Features Editor 

Founded by Annie Rabinowitz, Neshamas Connect is a dating site featuring an interesting concept that puts a spin on Jewish dating. Traditional dating amongst Jewish singles typically consists of submitting a resume, bio, and picture to a friend or shadchan [matchmaker] who acts as an intermediary between the men and women profiled. “I wanted to create an interactive database where single people can go and put themselves out there for other single people to be able to see them,” shared Mrs. Rabinowitz, who was involved with the Staten Island community volunteer shadchan group prior to the launch of her new initiative Neshamas Connect. Rabinowitz has applied some of her own experiences into her innovative approach to this new site. She explained that since “it takes being married to know what you need to be married,” she is always available to offer advice to the participants. 

Witnessing the difficulties that singles often face when matched based on the traditional format, Rabinowitz was inspired to make a change. She decided to create an innovative dating concept utilizing a short video clip as a way of Jewish singles getting to know one another. The process involves signing up, posting a short video, browsing the videos of the other members, and ultimately messaging an individual of one’s choice. The idea is that the videos posted on Neshamas Connect lend themselves to showcasing a more comprehensive view of an individual compared to the traditional resume process. The other key difference is that while Rabinowitz is always available to offer advice, the goal of the site is to put the control in the hands of the participants. 

The current age range on the site varies from 20-72 (Jewish singles 18+ can join) and crosses a multitude of religious levels. While videos are vetted prior to upload, users of the site are responsible to follow up on a prospective match. This platform is currently free to members and relies on word of mouth to spread awareness.

The new launch has not been without its challenges, according to Rabbinowitz. Some potential users are hesitant to try this novel approach, particularly when it comes to being unsure about exactly what content to post on video. To facilitate the process, there are a few sample videos on the Neshamas Connect social media pages. Rabinowitz appreciates those who are committed to the process and encourages the many followers of her email campaign to be patient as the site grows. 

“Hopefully, as it grows, videos will become less intimidating and less taboo,” Rabinowitz explained.  

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Photo Credit: Neshamas Connect