YU Observer Staff Picks: Favorite Caf Foods

By: YU Observer Editorial Board  |  March 11, 2022

By YU Observer Editorial Board

To highlight the personalities of our talented staff, the YU Observer chooses to share one of the staff’s favorite picks. This month, the YU Observer has decided to ask the YU Observer staff for their favorite cafeteria, or caf, foods at the moment. 

Shoshanah Marcus, Editor in Chief: pasta with both sauces, cheese, spinach, and tomatoes

Danielle Lane, Managing Editor: spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado sushi roll 

Rebecca Aduculesi, News Editor: 

Bluma Gross, News Editor: purple rice veggie roll

Marcela Homsany, News Editor: Hal’s seltzer 

Rina Shamilov, News Editor: salmon teriyaki

Atara Bachrach, Opinions Editor & Website Manager: French Fries!! Oh, and a giant cup of soda with ice 

Eli Saperstein, Opinions Editor: poke bowl with all the fishes, seaweed, sweet potato and extra rice on the side (Lots of sweet sauce and spicy mayo on the side. Good for three meals.)

Aaron Shaykevich, Opinions Editor: Coca-Cola coffee

Ru Benhamou, Features Editor: Dunkin hot chocolate 

Raquel Leifer, Features Editor: potato wedges

Yael Spodek, Features Editor: french fries or tater tots

Nicole Abittan, Science & Technology Editor: salad bar 

Leia Rubinstein, Science & Technology Editor: salad bar 

Yosef Scher, Science & Technology Editor: cheese pretzel

Eli Levi, Business Editor: salad bar

Jake Sheckter, Business Editor: Chex Mix and Popcorners

Amalya Teitelbaum, Business Editor & Manager: oreo dunkin hot chocolate

Benjamin Gottesman, Arts & Culture Editor: Chop Chop?

Elisheva Hirsch, Arts & Culture Editor: Thursday morning egg and cheese bagels

Cayla Muschel, Arts & Culture Editor: cookie dough Chobani yogurt

Adi Benhanan, Website Manager: mocha cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso from the 245 caf on the machine that never works

Max Friedman, Website Manager: salad bar

Ezra Jacobs, Business Manager: Does none of them count? Otherwise gonna have to go with Grandma’s

Rachel Gilinski, Social Media Manager: Those really gross pizza snaps. I’m obsessed.

Erica Sultan, Social Media Manager: potato cigars in 215! 

Sammy Friedman, Layout Editor: peanut butter

Racheli Jian, Layout Editor: sweet chili schnitzel

Belina Milhem Jena, Layout Editor: potato wedges