SCDS Monologue Competition Takes Theater Off the Stage

By: Cayla Muschel  |  March 13, 2022

By Cayla Muschel, Arts & Culture Editor

The Stern College Dramatics Society (SCDS), a student organization dedicated to the theatrical arts, made headlines last semester with their incredible performance of Radium Girls. Not only do they produce plays, but they also host cultural events on campus such as this semester’s Monologue Competition, which was co-sponsored by the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society. Students gathered in Yagoda Commons and performed dramatic monologues from various plays and movies. As with every great event, pizza and drinks were served. 

The Monologue Competition (and other SCDS-sponsored events) are a chance for students to shine in a less formal setting than the Schottenstein stage. That night, students who have never before participated in college theatrics produced performances from the depths of their souls, affording students the chance to engage with new sides of friends and strangers alike.

The lineup included both familiar childhood characters and novel performances. Leah Goykadosh (SCW ‘23), of Radium Girls fame, brought Captain Hook to life in a skin-crawling, villainous musing on his hook, Peter Pan, and the crocodile who ate his hand. Sari Moskowitz (SCW ‘23) briefly embodied an eleven year old, eager know-it-all Hemione Granger as audiences first met her in 1991. Gillian Herszage (SSSB ‘24) performed a moving, desperate monologue as Luisa from the Fantasticks, who pleads with God to “not let her be normal.” One student, Yitzhak Graff (YC ‘24), even produced a lovestruck, longing speech entirely in Yiddish called ”Khonon’s Monologue,” from the play Der Dybbuk. At the end of the night, Herszage and Moskowitz brought home the trophies. 

Don’t miss SCDS’s next event: a women-only musical showcase on April 5, 2022 where students will be directing and performing musical theater numbers.