YU No Longer Considered a “High Research” Institution According to 2021 Carnegie Classification Report

By: Rina Shamilov  |  January 24, 2022

By Rina Shamilov, News Editor

In a recently published 2021 report in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, YU’s ranking has been demoted to no longer having an R status, which is the ranking for higher education institutions with “very high research” activity. YU would have to award at least 20 individuals with doctoral degrees annually to be considered an R status- institution.

According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, Yeshiva University’s ranking as a research institution has fluctuated severely over the last few decades. YU was ranked as an R1 institution in 2001, meaning that it had been a reportedly “high research” institution. In 2018, the ranking dropped to R2, making it a high research institution though to a lesser extent. 

Currently, YU has not met the qualification outlined by the Carnegie Classifications, resulting in the university losing its national recognition as a higher institution that propagates high academic research and scholarship. 

Despite not qualifying for Carnegie’s high research classification, Yeshiva University is recognized as among the top 60 Jewish Schools, according to Hillel’s College Guide, and among the top five lack of diversity institutions according to reports conducted by USA Today. Likewise, YU’s recognition mainly lay as a leading marketing university and as a “top law school feeder.” 

In other rankings, such as the one put forth by US News, YU is currently ranked as #68 in national universities and #33 in best value schools. Its ranking oscillated between being in the 45th percentile from 1997- 2015 and then plummeting to 94th percentile in 2017.