YU Creates New Torat Tziyon Pilot Programs in Israel

By: Danielle Lane  |  December 12, 2021

By Danielle Lane, Managing Editor

In emails sent to SSSB students on December 7, 2021 and the rest of students on December 8, 2021, Yeshiva University introduced three new Israel programs beginning in Fall 2022. Termed the Torat Tziyon pilot programs, these programs are for both graduate and undergraduate students. 

The email announced the programs by stating that “[a]s part of our commitment to Torat Tziyon… [t]hese pilot programs will continue to strengthen our connections with Israel by providing students – especially those interested in pursuing careers in Israel or making aliyah – the full YU experience while spending some time in Israel.”

The programs will include “top-notch live classes for our undergraduate students, well-rounded Torah learning, and social activities, these pilot programs will cultivate growth for students in areas like leadership training, YU alumni networking and preparation for full-time employment or further study, all while studying in Jerusalem.”

The email went on to briefly describe each new program. The programs include undergraduate, graduate, and summer programs. Each program offers unique opportunities for students from “the opportunity to meet with thought – and business – leaders who are transforming the way we live, learn and work” to “ incredible summer experiences designed to transform their future with opportunities to work, volunteer and learn in Israel.”

The email concluded by explaining that “[t]hese program concepts remain under development and are subject to change and/or required approvals.” 

Students are excited about the opportunities these programs promise. A student (YC ‘23) who wishes to remain anonymous told the YU Observer, “Programs like this are why YU is a popular choice for Jewish teens. By having Torah and Israel be an integral part of the blood of YU, opportunities like this come by nature. Unlike a generic exchange student program, this one [torat tzyion] is more focused on Israel as the Jewish homeland. This isn’t about being introduced to a novel culture, it’s about how to live in your future home.”

Questions regarding these programs should be directed to ToratTziyon@yu.edu or found on the Torat Tziyon FAQs site.