Staff Writer Profile: Toviya Slager

By: Ruchama Benhamou  |  December 17, 2021

By Ruchama Benhamou, Features Editor, on behalf of the YU Observer

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight some of the YU undergraduate students who have written articles for us over the course of the semester. For the December 2021 edition, the YU Observer is highlighting Toviya Slager. 

Name: Toviya Slager

College: Yeshiva College 

Major: Mathematical-Economics and Psychology

Minor: Finance 

Year: Fourth Year

Favorite part of being on (or back on) campus? Nagel, there is no place better for a quick snack.

What do you miss most about Zoom school? I miss being able to take my classes anywhere. I did class at Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia National Forest, and from a kayak. 

Currently Reading: “Nudge”, “Central Banking 101”, and “Gödel, Escher, Bach”

Currently watching: Don’t watch very much, but would recommend “The 100”

Currently listening to: Eitan Gedalya

Coke or Pepsi? Be’er Mayim plain seltzer – extra carbonated 

Android or Apple? Android. What kind of question is that? 

What’s a quote/thought/or piece of advice you have for your fellow students? Life is busy. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends and family.

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