Patis Bakery Review

By: Danielle Lane  |  December 19, 2021

By Danielle Lane, Managing Editor

Throw away your sourdough starter and put down your frozen cookie dough. The newest kosher bakery is taking the Upper East Side by storm. Patis Bakery opened their Upper East location only a few months ago but has already become the hot spot for fresh, delicious pastries, breads, and salads. From their unique sandwich offerings to their array of authentic French croissants, there is almost nothing on the Patis menu that disappoints.

After years of a void in high-end kosher bakeries in the Upper East Side community, Patis has stepped up and declared themselves the undisputed champions of kosher bread. My personal favorites are the s’mores croissants with homemade marshmallow toasted to perfection and the pastrami lox croissant sandwich which perfectly balances sweet pickled onions, savory lox, and a light buttery croissant. The country white sourdough bread also did not disappoint. 

Patis’s wide ranging menu offers everything from perfectly brewed coffee to soups and salads to challah bread on Friday afternoon to many assorted pastries. Anyone can find something to enjoy on their extensive menu.

Their Upper East Side location is Patis Bakery’s fifth location. Customers can also visit Patis at its flagship location in Lyndhurst (New Jersey), as well as in Avenue M ( Brooklyn), Teaneck (New Jersey), and the Upper West Side.

Price range ($1-$16)