Campus Security Upgraded on Beren Campus

By: Rebecca Aduculesi  |  December 8, 2021

By Rebecca Aduculesi, News Editor

In an email sent out to the undergraduate student body on November 19, 2021, YU security informed students that it has upgraded the security on Beren Campus. 

The email opened by stating, “We have received a few reports of encounters between students and pedestrians in the campus vicinity. We understand that these incidents can create unease among students. We take these reports seriously, and your safety and well-being are always our highest priority.”

Students were informed that due to these incidents, YU security has increased the number of security guards on campus, expanded the hours that a uniformed New York Police Department (NYPD) officer is present on campus, reinstituted the local nightly campus shuttle from 5pm-11 pm (which will provide transportation between buildings on the Beren Campus for students), and will continue to offer security accompaniment when walking between buildings upon request. Students can call 212-340-7460 (the YU Security number on the back of every YU ID card) to request this service.

The email ended by reminding students that “walking with others is generally safer than walking alone” and “if [students] notice suspicious or concerning behavior on or near campus, please notify YU Security at 212-340-7460.”

Students were grateful for these changes to security. One anonymous student (SCW ‘23) told the YU Observer, “Midtown can be a scary place, especially at night. I’ve had some encounters with strangers speaking to me inappropriately, and some of my friends have even been touched by strangers. The increased campus security definitely makes me feel safer.”

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University