A Reflection on Spotify Wrapped 2021

By: Cayla Muschel  |  December 19, 2021

By Cayla Muschel, Arts and Culture editor

A few months ago, the YU Observer staff shared our staff Spotify picks. As the year winds down, Spotify Wrapped comes out, providing a chance to look back on individual music tastes.

Every December, Spotify releases “Spotify Wrapped,” a personalized analysis of a listener’s streaming habits in the form of a social media story. The listener learns various analytics about how many minutes they spent listening to music this year, what artists they listened to most, which song would play in the background of their life as they hypothetically slay a dragon. 

Spotify Wrapped is partly an acknowledgement of the incredible amount of data Spotify has collected, and partly a way for us to benefit and learn from the constant data collection. More than anything, it’s an opportunity for us to look back in a uniquely 21st century way. Before this decade, it would have been a tedious undertaking to record and analyze an individual’s music taste over the course of a year. Now, it’s almost like a journal, a path toward introspection.

Music taste does say something about a person’s personality; indeed, Spotify Wrapped can serve as an internal, yearly reflection. 

What did you listen to most this year? Did it reflect your feelings? Were you wistful? Giddy? Was this a year of determination? Was it one of sorrow? Did you cry this year? Did you laugh? 

What does your music this past year say about you?