YU Counseling Center Launches Continuation of Support Groups for the LGBTQ+ Community and Functional Psychology for Living Well

By: Sammy Intrator  |  October 25, 2021

By Sammy Intrator

On Monday, October 18, 2021, the Yeshiva University Counseling Center sent an email to students laying out  the continuation of support groups for undergraduate students that were launched back in February 2021. The first support group that was introduced was an  LGBTQ+ support group for students who identify as part of the community, which is a direct continuation of the LGBTQ+ support group announced last year. This group will be run by Shira Silton, a senior therapist at the Counseling Center. The second group will be a six week group moderated by Doctor Robert Ogle, a clinician in the Counseling Center, discussing Functional Psychology for Living Well. This group is a modification to the previously announced support group on anxiety and stress management. Both of these support groups will be on Zoom and will be available to all students on the Beren and Wilf campuses.

Dr. Yael Muskat, the director of the Counseling Center, told the YU Observer, “The Counseling Center is happy to be able to provide groups again this semester. Groups provide a safe environment where students can support each other and validate each other’s experiences. Participation in a group is also a good way to learn new coping skills in a comfortable setting, with others who are facing similar challenges or emotions.  We have seen first-hand, and have been told by former group attendees, how meaningful the group experience can be for our students.”

Mrs. Silton’s LGBTQ+ group will provide those in the LGBTQ+ community an outlet to express themselves and connect with others who also identify with the community in order to cultivate a sense of safety and empathy.  “It is an honor to launch the LGBTQ support group once again this semester,” remarked Mrs. Silton. “We are eager to welcome both new and returning students, each of whom uniquely enhances the experience.”

Dr. Ogle’s group will be utilizing contemporary research and what we already know about the brain to help students better grasp the way they behave, feel, and think. The email also says that students will leave with practical tools to use to feel better, think effectively, and fill life with the things that matter most. 

Students shared their thoughts about Dr. Ogle’s group. One student (YC ‘24) who would like to remain anonymous shared, “I think the Functional Psychology for living well sounds like a really great opportunity for those of us, like me, who want to learn more about how to use our brains more effectively.”

Many students had a positive reaction to the announcement from the Counseling Center. Leo Newmark (YC ‘23) shared with the YU Observer, “Both of these new groups emphasise the importance of balanced mental health towards becoming a successful and productive student. YU recognises that fact.” 

Students interested in either club should reach out to the respective Counseling Center staff running it at shira.silton@yu.edu or Robert.ogle@yu.edu.