Yeshiva University Launches Student Health Insurance Plan

By: Gabe Gross  |  October 10, 2021

By Gabe Gross, News Editor

On August 24th 2021, Yeshiva University sent out an email detailing an affordable Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for the school year of 2021-2022. All undergraduate and graduate students who are part- or full-time are required to have health insurance. Students at both Beren and Wilf campuses are mandated to fill out a waiver either enrolling in the Student Health Insurance Plan or waiving the YU health insurance, confirming that they have their own. As waivers need to be completed annually, this year’s deadline to either waive or enroll in the offered insurance is October 23rd. 

Yeshiva University wrote in their email, SHIP features: “Fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Annual deductibles: $500 per member In-Network and Out-of-Network, Coverage at 80% In-Network and 50% Out-of-Network, In-Network Physician’s Office visits covered at 100% after a $40 copay, Preventative care services with no deductibles, copays or coinsurance (In-Network Only).” Students will be able to locate providers whether at home, school, or throughout the country through the UnitedHealthCare Options PPO, retail or mail order prescription drug coverage, TeleHealth services available, worldwide travel assistance including medical evaluation, repatriation, and political and natural disaster coverage, wellness discounts including vision and dental care. Voluntary dental insurance is available for all students regardless of Student Health Insurance enrollment. For a complete description of the benefits available, limitations and exclusions, and FAQs, students should visit

Yeshiva University students had positive responses to the new health insurance plan. Noah Meimoun (YC ‘24) shared with the YU Observer, “I think it’s a respectable policy. YU is assuring that their student body has adequate health insurance coverage. Their arrangement also leaves a reasonable time frame to explore alternative options outside of YU’s affiliated plan for interested students. Overall, pretty good job by YU.”  

If one is planning on waiving YU’s health insurance plan for their own, the email detailed that one’s own current plan must provide coverage in New York City. If one is studying remotely (not in New York City) and has coverage for their current location, the waiver must include evidence of their current coverage. If one is an international student, put “Non US State” for their state as well as the Insurance Co. State. If one will be in the US, one must have insurance that is comparable to the plan offered by Yeshiva University and compliant with the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.

To enroll in or request to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2021/2022 policy Year, visit