The Return of Broadway

By: Roni Leider  |  October 20, 2021

By Roni Leider

Although it may be hard to believe, it’s been almost half a year since Broadway closed its curtains on March 12, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever since Broadway’s unfortunate halt, theater lovers have been eager to return to the heart of Times Square to once again partake in this beloved form of entertainment. As of September 14, 2021, Broadway has slowly reopened its doors, and the public is thrilled to return.

As per Broadway League regulations, all attendees must be masked and fully vaccinated to ensure public safety. The only exception to this mask policy is when one is actively eating or drinking in a designated location. These measures will help restore a sense of normalcy while keeping the audience, cast, and crew safe, as theaters are permitted to return to 100% capacity.

Broadway is absolutely essential to the identity of New York City and is one of its most defining factors. Not only is the cultural impact of this resurgence paramount, but the financial implications to the theaters, performers, staff members, as well as mutually dependent small businesses, are invaluable. The return of Broadway has been promising, and progressively the entire theater industry will thrive as it once did. Approximately 97,000 Broadway related jobs have been directly affected by the pandemic, and  New Yorkers are hopeful that the reopening of Broadway will lead to fiscal stability for the industry. 

Some of the first shows to open this fall include Springsteen on Broadway, Pass Over, Hadestown, Waitress, Six, Come From Away, and Moulin Rouge. These are only a few of the many shows set to re-open in the near future. 

With the re-opening of Broadway, it is time for all theater lovers to head right back. So go buy some tickets, and support some of New York City’s greatest businesses!