Club Profile: Broadway @ YU Club

By: Avior Hazan  |  October 20, 2021

By Avior Hazan, Features Editor 

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight one club available to the YU undergraduate community. For the October 2021 issue, the YU Observer is highlighting the Broadway Club.

Club Name: Broadway @ YU Club

Heads: Eli Saperstein, Sari Moskowitz, Yaffa Goldkin, Rina Shamlov

Relevant Campus(es): Beren, Wilf

What is your club’s mission statement?:

 To provide our members and the greater YU community with an organized, safe, and fun community to enjoy all that the greatest city in the world can offer us! 

Our mission is to help students make new friends that share similar interests as well as organizing events that allow for our members to meet each other in official capacities to foster lifelong friendships outside of the club! 

Why is this club important?: 

Torah u’Maddah [Torah and Science] is a concept that YU is proud to be a supporter of. Broadway plays allow one to experience the best of what modern culture and entertainment have to offer. 

What was your pull to get involved in/start the club?: 

As someone who has never been to a Broadway play but knows how much of an impact that the theater can have on a person, I wanted to start a community for the people who like me would want to join a community to experience and talk about these shows if they weren’t part of one already. 

What are some things your club has done in the past?

Nothing yet! But we are excited to create an awesome experience for everyone who’s ready to begin with us!

What are some plans you have for this semester/future semesters?:

Of course, seeing Broadway shows is number one, but smaller events such as screening movies or Broadway-style singalongs and karaoke are all on the table!

What is your favorite OSL-provided food for club events?: 

Sunkists, Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea.

How is your club adapting to being back on campus?:

We are excited to be in person at YU after the world was turned Upside down, along with Broadway reopening now is the perfect time to go see all the plays!

What is your advice to someone looking to get involved on campus?:

College (and Broadway) is a place where dreams come alive, where every experience is a chance for you to rewrite your life, where the world becomes a fantasy and dreams come true. Chasing after your ambitions and potential is what is possible here at YU. Any club, any community that you want to be a part of you can create here and now that will last in YU forever as well as once you graduate. Yes it’s crazy but I live a little crazy.

Anything else to say about your club? 

Join our group chat! We will be posting all events, programming, and get-togethers there!