YU Partners with Antidote Health to Provide Healthcare for Students

By: Gabriel Gross  |  September 1, 2021

By Gabriel Gross, News Editor

In an email sent out to the student body on August 23, 2021, Yeshiva University announced that it has partnered with Antidote Health, an online healthcare company, to bring the student body virtual doctor appointments that can be set up in minutes. 

This service will meet the needs for the vast majority of student medical issues.  This 24/7 tele-health service replaces the health care centers previously located in Furst Hall and Brookdale hall which were staffed by physician assistants during daytime working hours. If a situation arises in which a student requires a physical exam or lab work, the student may go to a local walk-in or urgent care center and utilize his/her insurance.

Over the past 18 months, the world has transitioned to seeing the many uses and benefits of technology in many areas. Particularly in the medical field, virtual consultations have become popular for those who cannot attend an in-person doctor’s appointment.  

Students across campus expressed their thoughts about the new partnership. Yoni Mayer (YC ‘23) stated, “I think it’s cool and I’m hoping the school will give a small briefing on how to use it.” Dani Lane (SCW ‘22) told the YU Observer, “I’m glad that the university is taking our health seriously, and I hope this new system serves the student body in an effective way.” 

A member of the Yeshiva University administration sent in his stamp of approval for the new online health service. Chaim Nissel, Vice Provost for student affairs, said, “We are very confident that Antidote Health will be able to effectively provide for the vast majority of student health concerns and illnesses. This new coverage provides medical guidance 24/7 rather than just during working hours”.

All registered students received a text message with their username and a link to download the Antidote Health app. There is no need for students to input insurance info or pay for sign-up to use this service.  Students will also receive a welcome email notice from Antidote Health with the relevant link and an option to contact Antidote Health with any questions.