Student Research Reaches New Heights

By: Danielle Lane  |  August 25, 2021

By Danielle Lane, Managing Editor 

The Yeshiva University Biology Department hosted an event on July 26, 2021 which highlighted  summer research conducted by YU students. According to Dr. Harvey Babich, Chair of Biology Department at Yeshiva University, the purpose of the research meeting was to “bring some normalcy back to the college, to slightly alter the overall feeling of gloom and isolation among faculty and students. The research presentations were given by SCW and YC undergraduates and the meeting was attended by faculty from both campuses. The student presentations were excellent and, upon conclusion, the attendees left with an upbeat feeling.”

Over the course of the almost four hour meeting, many Yeshiva University students had the opportunity to share presentations of the research they conducted over the summer with the head of the labs in which they conducted their research as well as with fellow researchers. The student presenters included: Kayla Perlmutter, Tania Kiesel  (the Vigodner Lab, SCW), Elisheva Miller, Esther Miller, Natania Birnbaum (the Alayev Lab, SCW), Michael Gerber,Avishai Samouha (the Maitra Lab, YC), Nicole Soussana, Jeremy Purow, Eliezer Heller (the Steinhauer Lab, YC), Asher Junger (the Murthi Lab, YC) and Maayan Hirschkorn (the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitative Medicine). Also present were Shanza Baseer Tariq and Manveet Nanda (Katz School, YU).      

The research conducted spanned a range of topics from: Regulations of Testicular Sertoli Cells by SUMOylation, The Search for a Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Altziemers, Investing Genetic Interactions Between Pink1, Parki, and iPLA26A, and Probiotics and the Microbiome. 

As each research cohort presented there was a feeling of mutual interest and respect among the researchers. While the topics of research covered a vast array of topics, there was an atmosphere of genuine interest while each group presented their research. The event not only allowed the opportunity for students to share their research with their peers but it also served as a reminder for what we can accomplish as students. After spending over a year isolated from each other and unable to spend time in the places we wanted to be most, the research meeting reaffirmed that even through struggles we will be resilient and return to the things we love the most.