YU Announces Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions for Summer 2021

By: Rebecca Aduculesi  |  June 22, 2021

By Rebecca Aduculesi, News Editor

In an email sent out to undergraduate students on June 22, 2021, Chaim Nissel, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, informed students about Yeshiva University’s revised COVID-19 protocols for the summer. These new protocols are due to Governor Cuomo’s decision to lift New York’s COVID-19 restrictions. 

Prior to this announcement, all students and faculty were required to socially distance themselves and wear masks on campus, regardless of their vaccination status. In addition, there were a limited number of students allowed in each classroom, dining hall, elevator, and common area. Students were required to get tested twice a week, and failure to do so resulted in the deactivation of a student’s YU ID card.

In the email, students were told that fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear masks or socially distance themselves on campus. In addition, fully vaccinated students no longer need to participate in the university’s summer COVID-19 monitoring program. Students were also informed that the daily health assessments and temperature checks are no longer required for any student, regardless of vaccination status. Unvaccinated students must continue to get tested in accordance with the university’s summer COVID-19 monitoring program, wear masks, and maintain social distancing guidelines. 

Athletic facilities no longer need reservations, and the administration stated that they’re hopeful to soon announce the Visitor Management System. YU has not yet updated its guest policies, but the email states that YU is currently reviewing these policies. 

All students and employees are still required to submit a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before coming to campus. However, fully vaccinated individuals have the option to get tested on Beren or Wilf Campus prior to their return to campus.

Many students are excited about this announcement. Leia Rubinstein (SCW ‘23), who spent her first two semesters at Stern College in the COVID-19 era, commented to the YU Observer that, “I’m so excited to finally experience what YU is normally like!” Esti Polotsky (SCW ‘23) voiced a similar opinion stating, “I feel ecstatic that we can FINALLY take off our masks and be with each other! This past semester, it was hard with all the regulations and testing to feel like we are all together, but now that we are moving towards the end of Corona we can finally be back to normal! I’m excited to get off of Zoom and meet new people in person!”

While YU has not yet announced its COVID-19 protocols for the Fall semester, it is expected that the University will operate at full capacity in Fall 2021.