Joe Bednarsh Announces New Role as Associate Dean of Students; Greg Fox Takes Over as YU Athletic Director

By: Rebecca Aduculesi  |  June 27, 2021

By Rebecca Aduculesi, News Editor

On June 23, 2021, Dean Bednarsh, formerly the Director of YU Athletics, sent out an email to the undergraduate student athletes sharing his new position as Associate Dean of Students. Dean Bednarsh also announced that Greg Fox will take over as Director of Athletics and Carly Moss will be promoted to Associate Director of Athletics beginning July 1, 2021. 

Dean Bednarsh has been a part of the athletic department for 30 years and served as Athletic Director for the past 15 years. He stated in the email, “It will be bittersweet for me not to be at the helm anymore, but I could not be more confident in a new leadership team than I am with Greg and Carly.”

Students expressed their excitement about this news. Student athlete Liana Maza (SCW ‘23) shared with the YU Observer, “I personally think that Joe is particularly talented and am excited to see everything he brings as Associate Dean of Students.” Maza continued, “Joe did so much more than run athletics. He was personally involved in the lives of every student athlete, and it is a real privilege that Joe will be extending his extraordinary talents to the rest of the YU student body. I am excited to see how this plays out!”

Greg Fox has been part of the YU athletic department for the past five years after spending many years in Division I. According to his biography on the YU Maccabees website, prior to his promotion to Director of Athletics, he served as the Associate Director of Athletics where he was responsible for the day-to-day operations on the Wilf Campus and oversaw all eight of the men’s sports teams. Before working at YU, Fox served as the Associate Director of Athletics for twelve years at LIU Brooklyn, where he was in charge of 60 coaches and administrators as well as nearly 250 student athletes. Fox was responsible for development of the program, alumni relations, home event management, fan engagement, marketing, and licensing. 

Fox shared his excitement with the YU Observer saying, “I’m honored and grateful to serve as Director of Athletics at Yeshiva University. I’ve been entrusted by Rabbi Dr. Berman, Dr. Nissel and my predecessor, Joe Bednarsh, to support all of our incredible student-athletes on both campuses in their quest for success on and off the playing fields. My talented administrative team and I will do so with an emphasis on the student-athlete experience and their well-being, while helping to create leaders and student scholars.”    

Carly Moss has also been part of the athletic department for the past five years. She was previously the Assistant Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator, and she also earned the title of Athletics Health Care Administrator in August of 2017. According to her biography on the YU Maccabees website, Moss was in charge of the day-to-day operations of the seven women’s varsity sports teams, and she is the only athletics administrator on Beren Campus. Moss also serves as the Skyline Conference Committee Chair for both the Athletic Training and Committee on Safe Return to Skyline Sports, which was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dean Bednarsh concluded his email by expressing his optimism towards this change stating, “I know you all join me in publicly celebrating Greg and Carly and in the confidence we all share in them.”