Yeshiva College to Stop Offering Music Major

By: Sarah Brill  |  May 12, 2021

By Sarah Brill, Science & Technology Editor 

The Yeshiva College (YC) music major will no longer be offered in the upcoming semesters, informed Professor Daniel Beliavsky, chair of the fine arts and music department, to the YU Observer. The reason behind this cut, Beliavsky explained, is that “too few students are pursuing [the major].” Although the department will no longer offer a major, “a wide range of coursework in music theory, history, aesthetics, and practice” will still be offered throughout the upcoming semesters. 

As of now, current senior Yosef Rosenfield, YC ‘21, remains the last music major at YC. Commenting on the matter, he stated: “I’ve been carrying the music department on my back, it seems, for so long — performing many live concerts and Zoom shows, submitting just as many music articles to both student newspapers, and babying the music section of the YU Journal of the Arts — it’s tough seeing the music major die out.”

Former graduated music majors are sad to hear that the music major will no longer be offered. Gedalia Robinson, a YC ‘17 music major, shared with the YU Observer saying that he is “sad to hear the major go, as [he] had a wonderful time in the major [himself].”

Expressing his frustration, Rosenfield shared: “After everything I’ve done to promote and encourage the music scene here at YU, the removal of the major, I believe, reflects the administration’s lack of confidence in the students’ ability to carry that torch. I’d like to think that the student body I leave behind will prove them wrong.” 

While the music major has officially been cut from the Yeshiva College’s list of academic majors, the option to shape a music major still remains open.

At the time of publication, the Yeshiva University website does not currently reflect this new change.

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Photo Source: Yosef Rosenfield