SSSB Club Profiles: YU Real Estate Club

By: Nathan Hakakian on behalf of the YU Observer  |  March 22, 2021

By Nathan Hakakian on behalf of the YU Observer 

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight one SSSB club available to the YU undergraduate community. For theMarch issue, the YU Observer is highlighting “YU Real Estate Club.”

Club Name: YU Real Estate Club

Heads: Aryeh Halpert, Zach Lyons, Josh Hirt, Daniel Rosenberg

Relevant Campus(es): Wilf, Beren

What is your club’s mission statement? To help students find opportunities to excel in CRE.

Why is this club important? It helps people find jobs and teach them how to succeed at said jobs.

What was your pull to get involved in/start the club?: I am passionate about CRE.

What are some things your club has done in the past? Networking events with professionals, speakers from assorted backgrounds.

What are some plans you have for this semester/future semesters? More networking events, mock interviews etc.

With COVID, how is your club adjusting? All Zoom events.

What is your advice to someone looking to get involved on campus? Reach out, people want to hear from you.

Anything else to say about your club? Our job is to help you, if you have suggestions, let us know.

Are you a YU undergraduate club head interested in seeing your club featured in a future edition? Email us at with your club name and the names of the club heads!