YU Observer January Poetry Feature: Clarity

By: HaKohein  |  February 13, 2021

Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was “Clarity”, and we are featuring HaKohen’s piece, “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich”.

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog by Casper David Friedrich

By HaKohein

Impervious to Khione’s last barrage,
the wanderer’s content to be alone.
To his numb nerves, the frost is a mirage.
Atop the sea churn Daedalus’s bones. 

The waves spray up and douse his tired soles,
his tired soul doth hardly feel the chill.
His vacant eyes reflect, then find, Sheol;
the first time since he’s set off he’s stood still.

While Friedrich thought he saw the hand of God,
the wanderer sees only due relief. 
The great, gray sea which once did leave him awed,
will be the resting place of his belief.

         Behind him lies a dream, before him- sleep.
         The once-a-wanderer falls to the deep.

Do you want to see your writing published? The theme for March’s poetry submissions is “Chaos”. Send all submissions to theyuobserver@gmail.com by March 15 .