The Glaubach Family Donates $10 Million to The YU Career Center

By: Erica Rachel Sultan  |  February 9, 2021

By Erica Rachel Sultan, News Editor

During the week of February 1, Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University, announced that Dr. Felix and Miriam Glaubach donated $10 million to the YU Career Center. 

The Glaubach duo has had a connection with YU for over 70 years. Dr. Glaubach is a long-time Trustee of Yeshiva University and RIETS (Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary) and member of the Board of Yeshiva College and Yeshiva University High Schools. As a result of their generous donation, the Career Center will be renamed The Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development. 

Designed to help students achieve their career goals after graduation, the Career Center offers many opportunities for its students. The Center offers programs in mentorships, internships, career developments, connects students with alumni and future employers, and gives lessons on career-readiness topics such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, digital technology and global intercultural fluency. Susan Bauer, executive director of the Center, stated in Yeshiva University’s press release, shared with the YU Observer, that the generous donation will allow students the opportunities to have meaningful successes after graduation. 

Dr. and Mrs. Glaubach are excited to contribute to the development of the YU Career Center. Dr. Glaubach shared in the Yeshiva University press release, “We feel that a gift to name the Career Center at Yeshiva University is the most impactful investment we can make. At this time of uncertainty, growing and strengthening the Career Center at Yeshiva University will bring confidence and stability to countless students and their families. By helping Yeshiva University students to have successful careers[,] we will enable them to be future leaders of Yeshiva University, the Jewish community[,] and leaders in the USA [and] Israel. This gift is an investment that makes our prior gifts to Yeshiva University all the more valuable. The highest form of charity is enabling others to support themselves, we look forward to graduates of the Glaubach Career Center at Yeshiva University becoming business leaders and philanthropists in their own right.”

Dr. Berman commented saying that Yeshiva University students’ success after graduation is “one of our core strategic priorities,” and that he is very grateful to the Glaubach family, Senior Philanthropic Advisor Susie Meyers, Executive Director of the Career Center Susan Bauer and VP of Development Adam Gerdts for all of their help in making this gift possible.