Staff Writer Profiles: Jacob Mermelstein

By: Yosef Rosenfield on behalf of Features Staff  |  December 20, 2020

By Yosef Rosenfield on behalf of Features Staff

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight some of the YU undergraduate students who have written articles for us over the course of the semester. For the December edition, the YU Observer is highlighting Jacob Mermelstein.

Name: Jacob Mermelstein

College: Sy Syms School of Business

Major: Finance 

Year: Senior, third year on campus

Where have you been during the COVID-19 pandemic? With Whom?: At home.

Currently reading: “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

Current sport: Running a 5K every other day. 

Currently listening to: EDM 

Favorite way to social distance with friends: Reveling in NYC to explore cultural attractions. 

Any cool things you’ve done/hobbies you’ve picked up over the COVID-19 pandemic?: I’ve been doing more reading with the extra time on my hands. 

What do you miss most about your pre-COVID-19 life?: Personal interactions without masks. I love seeing smiles. They’re contagious. 

What is your favorite thing about YU?: Online classes and the rebbeim. 

What’s a quote/thought/piece of advice you have for your fellow students?: 

“You don’t need mentors; you need action” — Naval Ravikant

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