YU Observer November Poetry Feature: Transition

By: Jacob Jablonka  |  November 26, 2020

Birdsong in Watercolor

By Jacob Jablonka, Layout Editor

Each month, the YU Observer sends a call to YU students for poetry submissions following a specific theme. This month, the theme was “Transition”, and we are featuring Jacob Jablonka’s piece, ‘Birdsong in Watercolor’. Other submissions of honorable mention have been published as well.

In the window, there hangs a painting.
A natural pool surrounded by autumnal forest, the ground is covered in rain-slicked leaves. From the pool rises a bird of sapphires and aquamarines. Water brushstrokes cascade off its facets and down. It sings.
A lone figure—a child—sits among the leaves, clad in a small yellow poncho. Back to viewer, they listen and watch the scene unfold, arms clutching knees, framed by sturdy trees and dying leaves, alone under the canopy.
They do not know that they will never see the bird again. We know not how long the bird’s song lasts.

Do you want to see your writing published? The theme for December’s poetry submissions is “Revision”. Send all submissions to theyuobserver@gmail.com by December 13.