Staff Writer Profiles: Tamar Nicole Soussana

By: Bina Davidson on behalf of Features Staff  |  November 25, 2020

By Bina Davidson on behalf of Features Staff

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight some of the YU undergraduate students who have written articles for us over the course of the semester. For the November edition, the YU Observer is highlighting Tamar Nicole Soussana and Elyanna Saperstein..

Name: Tamar Nicole Soussana
College: SCW

Major: Biochemistry

Year: 3rd year on campus (Senior) 

Where are you for the COVID-19 pandemic? With Whom?: As of now, I’m staying in the 36th street dorms. But before that, I was home with my family in Los Angeles.

Currently reading: I recently read “Educated” by Tara Westover. I was in awe of her story and was taken aback as well by the way we may take our education for granted and how important it can be in shaping our lives and interactions. 

Currently watching: I’m not big on watching shows or series, but right now I’m in the middle of watching “The Social Network,” a movie on Mark Zuckerberg and the beginnings of Facebook. 

Currently listening to: I started listening to some podcasts on STEM topics. One of them is called “Dope Labs,” which is a humorous and easy to understand dissection of scientific topics. The other is called “STEM-Talk,” which involves longer interviews with a broad range of scientists.

Favorite way to social distance with friends: I think spending time outdoors as much as you can is the best way to be socially distant with friends. Whether that be sitting in a backyard to talk, going for a walk, or maybe a fun activity like outdoor minigolf. It’s definitely important to be socially interactive despite the pandemic. 

Any cool things you’ve done/hobbies you’ve picked up over the COVID-19 pandemic?: I started baking a lot more since the pandemic started. The only issue is finding enough people to eat everything I make!

What do you miss most about your pre-COVID-19 life?: I think I just miss being in a physical classroom. It’s so hard to stay focused from the desk in my room on top of the fact that I’m missing out on the many social interactions that make a hard week at school much more bearable.

What is your favorite thing about YU?: I love the close knit community at YU and the opportunity to develop close relationships with professors. Throughout my time here, I’ve felt comfortable reaching out to various professors for advice on personal matters as well as what classes to take and future careers options. I think that this opportunity is quite unique to YU and it has been extremely helpful to me.

What’s a quote/thought/or piece of advice you have for your fellow students?: If you find something you are really passionate about and truly love, you should try your hardest to pursue it. Don’t let a letter grade define how successful you can be, because it doesn’t. Rather, focus on learning what you love, and the rest surely follow.

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