Staff Writers Profiles: Sarah Muharremi

By: Features Staff  |  September 30, 2020

By Bina Davidson on behalf of Features Staff

Each month, the YU Observer aims to highlight some of the YU undergraduate students who have written articles for us over the course of the semester. For the September edition, the YU Observer is highlighting Zippy Spanjer and Sarah Muharremi.

Name: Sara Muharremi 

College: SCW

Major: Biology 

Year: Senior, third year on campus

Where are you for the COVID-19 pandemic? With Whom?: I’ve been home in Bronx, NY with my parents and my goldfish. 

Currently reading: I am currently reading “Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole” By Dr. Allan H. Ropper and Brian David Burrell. Dr. Ropper is a renowned neurologist who works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and he goes through some of his cases and patients that he’s seen; highly recommend! 

Currently watching: ‘Sister, Sister’ and ‘Dexter’ 

Currently listening to: Knock Three Times by Tony Orlando & Dawn

Favorite way to social distance with friends: I haven’t gone out much, but Zoom-ing with friends and screen sharing a yoga video has been a great way to catch up and stay active with friends while not physically being near each other. 

Any cool things you’ve done/hobbies you’ve picked up over the COVID-19 pandemic?: I started doing yoga and I have been getting really good at cleaning my room and cooking! I also bought a ukulele from Amazon on a whim but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. 

What do you miss most about your pre-COVID-19 life?: Being in a dorm environment, finding random places and cafes in the city to study in, meeting up with friends, and eating pringles for dinner because I’d be too lazy to go to the caf for food (now I have no excuse at home). 

What is your favorite thing about YU?: I love the YU library in the heights. For me it was the perfect environment to be able to sit in a little corner and get things done, and now that we’re online I’m really missing it. I miss getting shushed on the fourth floor after coughing. 

What’s a quote/thought/or piece of advice you have for your fellow students?: Take some time to breathe. With classes starting, it’s easy to fall back into a stressed mindset, especially because they are all online and we’re still home with other responsibilities. Take a minute before you go to sleep — sit or lay down on the floor, put on some calming piano music/nature sounds/or  whatever works for you, try to clear your mind and just breathe for the duration of one song. Reground your mind and reconnect with yourself.

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